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Now you can play the UK National Lottery with

Tue 26 Sep 2017, By Patty Reynolds
UK National Lottery Launches

Nothing can be more exciting for a lottery fan than discovering a new lottery game. And if you’re serious about becoming an instant millionaire, the UK National Lottery is where you should be spending your money. Since it began, the UK National Lottery has made hundreds of millionaires.

Keep that in mind as you learn more about this fantastic lottery.

When did the UK National Lottery begin?

The UK National Lottery was founded in 1994. Draws were held once a week, every Saturday until 1997 when officials decided to add an extra draw on Wednesday nights. In 2013, the lottery underwent a makeover which saw the introduction of a raffle. And two years later, in 2015, the Millionaire Raffle was changed to include one guaranteed £1 000 000 prize and 20 guaranteed £20 000 prizes with every draw. It’s not hard to see that the UK National Lottery is one of the most generous lotteries in the world.

How to play the UK National Lottery

It’s a very simple format, as players simply need to choose six numbers from a pool of 1-59. Once you’ve purchased your ticket you will automatically be assigned a randomly generated Millionaire Raffle code. This code consists of four letters which spell out a colour, followed by eight numbers. You'll see the code on your ticket scan.

This serves as your entry to the Millionaire Raffle. The Millionaire Raffle takes place on the same day as the UK National Lottery draw and you can win both the UK National Lottery jackpot and the Millionaire Raffle with one ticket.

What can I win on the UK National Lottery?

If the jackpot is won, and a new draw starts on a Wednesday, the minimum jackpot is roughly £2 500 000. But if a new game starts on a Saturday, the minimum jackpot is increased to £5 000 000. Once the jackpot has reached £22 000 000, it remain at this level for one more draw. And if there’s still no winner, the prize money is rolled down to the next winning prize division. There are six prize divisions, including the jackpot and you can win a small prize just by matching two numbers.

How does the Millionaire Raffle work?

When you buy a lottery ticket for the UK National Lottery, you are automatically assigned a code which acts as your entry to the Millionaire Raffle. The winning code is drawn after the numbers for the UK National Lottery. Twenty one codes are drawn, with the first one awarding the £1 000 000 jackpot prize. After that, another twenty codes are drawn for the £20 000 prizes.

Your odds of winning a Millionaire Raffle depends on the number of tickets sold for a particular draw, so your odds are actually higher if fewer people are playing - which makes it worth your while to play every draw, even those with a smaller jackpot.

When do the draws for the UK National Lottery take place?

There are two draws for the UK National Lottery and Millionaire Raffle every week. One draw takes place on Wednesday and the other happens every Saturday. The draws take place just after 20:30 London time.

The draw for the Millionaire Raffle takes place at the same time as those for the UK National Lottery. The winning codes are drawn after the numbers for the lottery.

What was the biggest UK National Lottery jackpot ever won?

The biggest UK National Lottery jackpot ever won by a single-ticket holder occurred in April 2016. One winner walked away with a respectable £35 100 000 jackpot all to themselves. Although this may not rival the jackpots offered by some of the American lottery games it’s quite a sum of money. And if you’re playing from outside the UK, you would gain even more from winning a UK National Lottery jackpot thanks to the favourable exchange rate.

This jackpot beat the record for individual winnings that was set in January of the same year when two winners split a £66 000 000 jackpot. As UK National Lottery prizes are tax-free, both ticket holders came away with £33 000 000 each.

Play the UK Lotto online today with and you could become a millionaire in the blink of an eye. So pour yourself a strong cup of tea, toast your muffins and start picking your lucky lotto numbers for this generous lottery.