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£1000 to £1 million in an instant: listen to this woman's astounding lottery win

Fri 19 Feb 2016, By Lisa Bonnet
£1000 to £1 million in an instant: listen to this woman's astounding lottery win

Playing lottery games, especially ones with enormous jackpots, are practically guaranteed to incite joyful emotions. For a woman in the UK who thought that she only won £1000, we can now listen to the exact moment that £1000 turned into £1 million...

Marjorie Tyrie wanted to confirm her £1000 win with Camelot, the UK's official lottery provider. But when she discovered that she had won a small fortune, her elation reach new heights.

This comes as a great gift to both Marjorie and her husband Alan, as he was recently dismissed from his work as a welder - now they never have to work a day again in their lives. For this woman who played the lottery every Saturday, and with the same two lines of numbers, her luck has finally paid out in major dividends.

If you listen to the audio recording, you'll discover that the call center employee has to explain to Marjorie that the email announcing her win has six zeros in it, not three. Her first reaction is that she's being fooled but once she realizes what's happening she shouts out "I'm a millionaire!" She keeps repeating this statement as the Camelot lottery employee softly laughs to himself on the other end of the line.

"I was bemused because I knew we'd only matched one number in the draw so clicked on it and followed the prompts to log in without really thinking about it. Let me tell you, when I saw all those zeros staring back at me, having matched the Lotto Millionaire Raffle code, I soon started to think about it,"
said the UK's latest millionaire. As for spending plans, Marjorie and her husband will now be able to purchase a new home and put their two sons through university.

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