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Outrageous Things You Can Do With Your Jackpot

Wed 29 Jun 2022, By Patty Reynolds
Launch your winning future

What do you think is the most exciting type of news? Remember when Elon Musk sent his car into space? That was pretty exciting.

Or perhaps you feel that news about massive lottery jackpots is even more interesting? This week there are four jackpots on offer that are in excess of $200-Million each.

In fact, when taken together the US Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions and SuperEnaLotto jackpots come in at over $1-Billion! If you have your tickets and have chosen your lucky numbers already, then of course you'll focus on the lotteries. Just imagine what it would be like if the next lucky winner were... you?

But what happens after you win any one of this week's astounding jackpots? That's when you have to start thinking like Mr. Musk. This young business mogul finds interesting ways of using and enjoying his money.

How Mr. Musk Enjoys His Billions

It's been more than four years since Elon Musk launched his Falcom Heavy rocket into space. Because rockets' maiden flights carry huge risks, it was an unmanned mission. So what did Mr. Musk add as luggage and for effect? His bright red Tesla roadster. And it was a huge success.

Will you also attempt space travel if you win any of the amazing multi-million dollar jackpots up for grabs this week? If you're not into space travel like Elon, you may want to try out these other outrageous activities.

Ways to Spend Your Millions

Elon Musk is an enthusiastic futurist. All his expenses are centered around state of the art technology. What are your passions? Find a way to enjoy your money, your way.

Celebrity Shopping

Of course shopping will be on this list. But this is shopping of a different kind. But do you realize any dream can become reality? And these historical purchases prove it:

  • In 2002 someone paid $115 000 for some of Elvis' hair. Who is your favorite celebrity? Perhaps you can own something of theirs one day.
  • What about meeting and then kissing your favorite celebrity? Sharon Stone once allowed this with a fan and her price was $50 000. Who would you want to meet?
  • If you want some advice on how to use your winnings, how about a lunch date with Warren Buffet? Most recently this sold at an eBay auction for a record $19-Million and is supposedly the last one he's doing, but you never know...

That's an interesting shopping list. And with a lottery win, it will all be possible.

Living Forever

One more idea that's as out of this world as Elon's rockets, is trying to live forever. And if you're rich enough, you can try.

Cryonics follows the idea that you can freeze people now, and revive them later. What if you can wake up when they've found a cure for aging or diseases?

Enjoying Life

Or perhaps you simply want to enjoy life now. That's when you spend your fortune on these:

  • Be like James Cameron and dive to the bottom of the ocean in your own submarine.
  • Install an ATM in your own home like DeShawn Stevenson. That's the ultimate balance of convenience and opulence.

This is what the super rich are doing. What will you do if your lucky numbers win this week?

Elon Musk didn't sit back and wait for the experience to come to him. He took action and made it happen. You could too - all it takes is a lottery ticket with the right lottery numbers.