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Reintroducing the Spanish El Gordo

Mon 03 Apr 2017, By Patty Reynolds
Re-introducing the Spanish El Gordo is pleased to announce that the Spanish El Gordo has is once again available to our players. Spain’s lottery system is one of the oldest in the world and today you can play this lottery without even being a Spanish resident. Buy your Spanish El Gordo lottery ticket online and stand a chance to win millions!

The draw is on a Sunday, which means you could play a lottery every night of the week if you want. 

It started way back

As far back as 1763 Spain had a national lottery system. The first one was started by King Charles III himself. Lotteries in Spain evolved over the years with highlights being the Christmas lottery starting up in 1812 and El Gordo de la Primitiva which started in 1993. So after a 200 year old foundation you can now join the millions of Spaniards who wait with expectation for the drawing of the winning lottery numbers every Sunday. So if you bought a ticket you might just win.

The Christmas and weekly lottery explained

Unlike the weekly Spanish El Gordo, the El Gordo de Navidad is a yearly draw at Christmas time. Over the past 200 years the El Gordo de Navidad has become part of Spanish tradition. Sometimes groups of people buy a lottery ticket together and share the winnings if there are any. This is due to its higher price and also the fact that it’s a fun way of sharing experiences with friends and family. The Spanish El Gordo tickets on the other hand are much more affordable.

The name 'El Gordo' refers to the big prize a winner can walk away with. Literally the meaning is ‘the fat one’ and the prizes in both these lotteries are quite big and fat. With the Spanish El Gordo's prize money never falling below €5 Million you can be assured it’s always worth it to take that chance. With many ways of winning in the Spanish El Gordo weekly draw it’s a fun lottery experience to join in on.

How choosing your numbers works

Like the Bonoloto and La Primitiva, the Spanish El Gordo has a 'Reintegro' number - but unlike these other Spanish lottos that randomly assign the Reintegro to each of your ticket lines after the ticket is bought, you get to choose your own number!

The Reintegro is not selected on a line-by-line basis, though. For every set of main numbers you choose, you get to choose 1 Reintegro number to accompany them, and this single Reintegro number is allocated to your ticket.  That gives you some choice, but also means that it is a little more difficult to select multiple different Reintegro numbers. If you want to do this, you would need to go through the process to buy your El Gordo tickets online seperately for each different Reintegro you wanted. 


There are eight prize tiers in the Spanish El Gordo's weekly draws, including the Jackpot. 

If both the five main numbers and the Reintegro drawn matches your selection, you’ve achieved a perfect match. Now you’re eligible for the biggest prize available on that particular Sunday. The great thing is even if you only guessed between two and five numbers correctly, you can still win a percentage of the prize money. Match only the Reintegro and you still win a small prize. This gives the Spanish El Gordo lottery game very favourable odds for winning some kind of prize when compared with games that have a larger range of secondary numbers. 

Each Sunday the five main numbers are drawn, with the Reintegro number drawn from a separate machine afterwards. This means that the Reintegro number could even mirror one of the main numbers - so remember this when making your choice. The last time this happened, by the way, was pretty recently with the draw of Sunday the 19th of February, where the five main numbers were 07-31-37-38-39 and the Reintegro was 07 - that's number seven showing off its lucky number status again.  

Many big winners

The popularity of this lottery stems partly from the fact that there are quite a few lottery winners. While there may be other lotteries with bigger jackpots that are occasionally won, the Spanish El Gordo regularly turns ticket holders into winners. Only in the first part of this year there has already been a few people who guessed the winning lottery numbers.

On 5 February 2017, two players walked away with € 3 188 142.48 each. The winning numbers on that day was 7-9-10-13-37 with the bonus number of 3. This week’s draw delivered three winners who were eligible for the second prize—they guessed the five main numbers correctly—and each one took home over €50 thousand with the numbers 1-1-17-21-32.

The great news is you can now join this great weekly lottery, just buy your lottery tickets online. Technology brings the fun of the Spanish El Gordo to your doorstep so you can place your bet and stand a chance of winning your big fat prize during this Sunday’s draw.