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Russian billionaire builds world's biggest (and most expensive) super yacht

Mon 23 Nov 2015, By Jerry Westford
Super yacht worth £260-million being built by Russian billionaire

Jackpot prize winners of the US MegaMillions, PowerBall, EuroMillions and many other lottery games can boast winnings in the hundreds of millions. But, and if given the option, would you spend it all on a single boat?

Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, founder of many coal, fertilizer and power companies, is in the process of completing a £260-million "super yacht", the Sailing Yacht A.

His last boat cost him a mere £190-million, so Sailing Yacht A will be a decent upgrade for this Russian oligarch.

Melnichenko, with a personal fortune is in the region of £6 billion, will be taking this behemoth of a craft out for trials in the seas of Northern Germany later this year. Designed by Philippe Starck and custom-built in Germany, the billionaires latest yacht is an upgrade to his previous £190-million craft and is outfitted with the best in sailing technology. Let's get into a little more detail with this craft as it leaves nothing to the imagination.

  • The steel hull is over 470ft long, or 143 meters in length
  • Masts are made from carbon fiber plus steel composite and will be the largest freestanding composite structures ever made
  • The main mast is so long (over 300ft) that it has a room in the middle
  • There are eight decks, with one outfitted for a helicopter landing
  • Glass on the decks is bomb-proof and there are forty CCTV camera to maintain security
  • Controls are all managed via a unique black coated touch screen glass
  • Top speeds clock in at close to 40km/ph
  • The largest ever piece of curved glass (193 square feet) was created for the keel
  • This mega-yacht weighs in at over 1400 tons

Those who have the environment at heart should also celebrate the launch of this vessel, as it doesn't use diesel engines as its primary form of propulsion.

It can house over 20 guests, needs a crew of 54, and will become the largest sailing yacht of all time. It will also include walk-in wardrobes, outdoor hot tubs plus a series of lifts to ferry its guests from one deck to the other. It's the most expensive, most luxurious yacht ever built, so watch out for it if you're fortunate enough to be sailing the seas on a yacht of your own one day. It's all quite possible if you score that big win with a lottery jackpot.