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Spain’s national lottery will continue to support Paralympic athletes

Wed 13 Jul 2016, By Dean Cromwell
Spain’s national lottery will continue to support Paralympic athletes

Spain’s Paralympic athletes will shine at the Rio games in September this year thanks to renewed support from the country’s public lottery company Loterias y Apuestas del Estado. They have extended their sponsorship agreement with the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE).

That means Paralympic athletes will have access to sponsorships and grants to compete in international events.

The agreement was signed at a ceremony in Madrid attended by secretary general Miguel Sagarra, also a member of the International Paralympic Committee Governing Board, and Loterias President Inmaculada Garcia. The company, which runs popular lottery games such as the Primitiva and Bonoloto, has been a long-time supporter of the Spanish Paralympic Committee having joined the Paralympic Sport Support Plan Objective (ADOP) in 2014.

They aren’t the only entity to back the Spain’s Paralympic athletes. Several other large corporations and companies have thrown their support behind the athletes such as Valencian sportswear company Luanvi and food company ElPozo.

The money will be used to supply the athletes with high-quality training materials to help them prepare for the summer Olympics in Rio this September. Spain has competed in the Paralympics Games since the 1968 summer events and hosted the competition in 1992. Their athletes have always performed well and with the renewed support from the public lottery they’ll be looking forward to taking home even more medals this year.

You may not realise just what an impact the simple act of buying a lottery ticket can have. Much of the money raised from the sale of lottery tickets in any country goes towards charitable causes. Every year, the lottery helps hundreds of people to live better lives. But this is a side of it we seldom see. News reports tend to focus on the lottery results when a big jackpot is at stake, or simple report on the latest lotto numbers.

While you’re concerned with how to win the lottery, there are many organisations that depend on the money distributed by lottery companies. This story may provide you with a different perspective on the USA lottery. Especially if you get tired of people telling you that you’re wasting your money buy a lottery ticket.

When a big jackpot is on offer, more people want to play the lottery. And this is good news for charities. Only half the money raised from ticket sales goes to the prize pot. And of that, only a certain percentage is put towards the jackpot. The rest of the money is managed in investments and donations to worthy causes.

All the monetary decisions are handled by organisations that have the knowledge and expertise to use these funds properly. The money is never wasted but rather channelled into different areas such as health, education, environmental causes, sport, the arts and charitable causes. If you’re wondering where the money you spend on lottery tickets go, it’s worth doing some research.

Lottery companies are keen for people to know that the money is being used wisely. Supporting local initiatives is part of the reason why lotteries exist. Government funding is often not enough to help every cause that needs funding. That’s where lotteries can make a big difference.

And there are many lottery jackpot winners who use their winnings to help their local charities. Without the support of these good Samaritans, and the lottery companies, many charities and initiatives would fail. Relying on public donations is simply not enough to cater for the many expenses that charities incur in their line of work.

The charities can use this money to fund their different projects. This is how the lottery makes a real difference in people’s lives. And playing the lottery benefits you too because you get the chance to win a life-changing amount of money. But that shouldn’t deter you from supporting your local charities in any way you can. Whether it’s through a monetary donation, providing goods or volunteering your time, it doesn’t take much to make a difference.

By ensuring that their Paralympic athletes have the support they need to compete at an international level, the Spanish lottery is doing a great service. Athletes require money to travel to competitions and to receive the best training. With this backing, Spain’s athletes should do their country proud in Rio.

So the next time you buy your lottery ticket online, don’t just think about the jackpot you could win. Think about all the ways your money is going to help others in need. It’s a bit of fun for you, but it means so much to the people who are on the receiving end of those lottery sponsorships. You still stand a chance to win a jackpot for yourself, and then you could use that money to help your community or a charity you feel strongly about. Lotteries do so much more than make milionaires.