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Splurge on these 10 crazy gadgets if you win the lottery

Wed 14 Sep 2016, By Jerry Westford
Splurge on these 10 crazy gadgets if you win the lottery

Forget about the big mansions and flashy cars, tech is the new status symbol. If you play the American lottery online you’re probably pretty tech-savvy. In that case, you’ll drool over these incredible gadgets that only the super-rich can afford.

Let’s get started:

1. Personal killer whale submarine

Price: $100 000

That’s a very reasonable price for your own killer whale submarine! This 17-foot watercraft can travel 25mph underwater or hydroplane on the water’s surface at 50mph. It’s big enough for two so grab your bestie and enjoy watery view or see what’s happening behind you on the LCD screen. The fact that it resembles a killer whale is just the cherry on top! All you need to do is buy Powerball tickets online and it’s all yours.

2. Magnetic Floating Bed

Price: $1.6 million

When you get tired of being the biggest EuroMillions winner in history, recharge your batteries with a powernap on this incredible levitating best. The secret lies in the magnets which raise the bed 16 inches off the ground. There’s no chance that you’ll float out the window as cables stop it drifting away from the magnet.

3. Dinosaur Bone-Infused iPad

Price: $8 million

Where does one begin to describe this awesome piece of tech! Now you buy lottery tickets online using the iPad 2 Gold History Edition which features a 24-carat gold Apple Logo and backing and 53 gems. The main frame is made from Ammolite—the oldest rock in the world, infused with shavings from a 65 million year old T-Rex’s thigh bone. It’s the ultimate bling/tech mash-up.

4. Super-luxurious toilet

Price: $6400

Because, what else would a US Powerball winner use? Get yourself the Kohler Numi super-luxurious toilet and spend your toilet breaks playing the lottos in complete comfort. The toilet warms your feet, plays music and features an adjustable spray with drying function. All the setting can be controlled with a touchscreen, obviously.

5. Fastest street legal car

Price: $2.4 million

Well, it would have been silly not include this car on the list. A lot of technology has been poured into this car to make it the fastest street legal car in the world. It can reach speeds of up to 268 miles per hour. Production is limited to only 30 units so play EuroMillions online today if you want to own one of these elite vehicles.

6. Jetpack

Price: $99500

How many times have you gazed in wonder at Yves Rossy soaring over the desert or swooping around the Statue of Liberty? Well, he isn’t the only one who can do that anymore. Play Powerball online, win the jackpot and pick up your very own jet pack! This machine can lift you over 30 feet into the air at a speed of 25 miles per hour. It lasts about 4 hours before you need to return to earth. Well worth the price of a US Powerball ticket, don’t you think?

7. 25-Carat Grill

Price: $165000

If you take your barbeques seriously, and you play lottery online USA games, you might want to invest in the BeefEater Barbecue. Covered in 24-carat gold (except for the cooking surfaces) this dazzling barbecue is bound to make even burnt burgers taste amazing. As the company says, this is a cooking tool for people who have ‘money to burn’!

8. Batmobile Replica

Price: $190836

What Batman fan would pass up the chance to own this ‘officially licensed replica’ of the 1966 Batmobile? It’s doesn’t come cheap buy if you play the American lottery online you’ll be able to afford it. But what would the Batmobile be without a Batphone, Detect-a-Scope radar screen and rocket exhaust flamethrower? You don’t have to buy a spandex suit and drive around fighting crime, but if that’s your fantasy, this car could make it a reality!

9. Hendo Hover board

Price: $10000

You could risk your life on a cheaper hover board but if you win the US Powerball you can splash out on the real deal. The board is limited to a special surface but for an extra fee you can get the company to build a ‘hover skate park’ just for you. Could there be a better way to spend your winnings?

10. Vertu Smartphone

Price: $10000

No, it’s not an Apple but the Vertu Smartphone is at the top of every tech-geek’s Christmas list. It features a sleek design and comes with a 12 month subscription to a dedicated concierge, personal lifestyle manager and 24 hour worldwide assistance. If you’re the biggest EuroMillions winner, this is definitely the phone you want to own.

How many of these gadgets would you put on your list? If you’re really serious about making your tech dreams come true, play Powerball online for a shot at the jackpot. You’ll be able to afford every one of the goodies on this list and make your friends green with envy!