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Start 2018 in style wth the Spanish El Niño New Years Raffle

Thu 21 Dec 2017, By Patty Reynolds
And now for the New Year raffle

The jackpots are rising. As the Festive Season approaches and you’re wondering how to enjoy the ultimate New Year, your winnings may be the key.  You may be thinking about playing one of the big US lottery games, like the US Powerball or US MegaMillions, but there's another heavy-hitter you could also consider - the Spanish New Years raffle.

This year the prize pool for the exciting annual raffle known as 'The Child' (El Niño) is €700-Million! 

As the name implies, it only comes around once a year. So you better be ready when it takes place on 6 January 2018. Let’s look at the details so you know how to win this game.

Why El Niño is the best festive gift you can give yourself

Are you ready for something different? The El Niño New Year raffle has amazing prizes. We love this raffle because it enables so many people to win. Tickets win prizes from €20 up to €2-Million. There are many different prize categories some of which can have up to 20 000 winners! 

Why not take part in a game with so many possibilities? Each raffle ticket increases your chances of winning. And that’s exactly the attraction of the El Niño. You have as good a chance as 1 in 3 to walk away with a prize. Even the odds of walking away with the big prize are excellent, especially when compared with some lottery games.

How it Works

The El Niño is a raffle, so instead of choosing any numbers you like from a given range of numbers like you do with a standard lottery, you need to choose a raffle ticket number from the available ticket options. So unlike a standard lottery where any number of people can choose the same set of numbers, once the ticket number is gone, it's gone. 

There are 50 series of tickets numbered from 00000 to 99999. Each ticket is divided into ten shares which are called decimos. If you purchase all the shares of a ticket, you will win the full prize amount allocated to that ticket if it is drawn a winner. If you purchase decimos of that ticket, you will get a share of any prize amount that corresponds to one tenth of the prize for each decimo you own.

The flexibility of the game is part of its attraction. Simply pay for 1 decimo of a ticket if that is what your budget allows. If that ticket is drawn for a top prize of €2-Million, your share will still win you €200 000, and at odds that beat any standard lottery game!

Don't miss your chance!

The El Niño lottery is part of proud Spanish tradition that has been going since the 1790s. Now you can make this part of your tradition, too. Can you let this chance pass you by? It won’t come round soon and with the amazing odds it’s worth investing in. It can help you have the year you’ve been hoping for. Don’t start 2018 by missing out on the El Niño raffle!