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The SuperEnaLotto Rules Europe!

Fri 19 Jul 2019, By Patty Reynolds
SuperEnaLotto Record!

There's a new monarch in Europe. The SuperEnaLotto has just passed €190-Million, which means it has overtaken the EuroMillions jackpot - making it the richest of the European Lotteries. The SuperEnaLotto Jackpot is now at a record €192-Million.

The €190-Million jackpot cap on the EuroMillions also stops it from challenging its American rivals. The SuperEnaLotto has no such restrictions.

After almost 9 years waiting in the wings, this impressive Italian lottery game is firmly in the big leagues. Last time, in October 2010, it got up to €177-Million. With no upper cap on the total, who knows how far it will go before it gets won? Of course, it will get won, sooner or later. The only question is - just how big will it get before it does?

Even if the SuperEnaLotto Jackpot is won this Saturday, it will still be a massive boost for whomever is lucky enough to get the winning numbers. You may want to take your shot at it, so here's a reminder of how the game works:

Playing the SuperEnaLotto

The SuperEnaLotto is really easy to play. You just pick six numbers, from 1 to 90. If you get the lucky six numbers that match the six numbers drawn out on the night, you win the jackpot. Match five of the six numbers and you get another shot at a big prize if you also match the 'Jolly' ball - a seventh number, drawn after the main numbers.

You also get a chance to win a quick €25 before the draw even happens! When your ticket is purchased, you win this if four of your numbers in a ticket line match the magic square (ok, the 'quadrato magico') that is printed on your ticket. The numbers are alway randomly-generated, so it's like a mini-lottery that you don't have to wait for.

SuperEnaLotto is usually played three times a week, but sometimes special events or holidays mean that the schedule is adjusted slightly, so it's always worth checking the upcoming draws.

Rich Royals from Across the Globe

You may not have the titles, but with the winning lottery numbers you can have the luxurious lifestyle that goes with it. For ideas on how to spend your riches like a king or queen, take some inspiration from these monarchs.

The Current Winner: Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Let’s start with the richest of them all. This Dubai Sheikh has a net worth of $31.7-Billion. Yes, of course his title brings in some money, but this smart royal is also chairman of a bank, Dubai World and an insurance company.

Richest of All Time: Mansa Musa I of Mali

Let’s adjust for inflation and find the richest royal that ever lived. This title goes to Mansa Musa who was an African king in the 1300s. This individual used the country’s salt and gold riches to fill his personal pockets which would have been the same as having $400-Billion in today’s economy. Today you’ll still see buildings such as mosques he built hundreds of years ago.

If you want to try to match that level of sheer royal richness, you may need to win more than one jackpot! Make sure your ticket is ready for this week's Mega Millions lottery draw. It has a very respectable $154-Million jackpot. Then keep an eye on the lotto results checker so you don’t miss out on your fortune.

Richest in Europe: Hans Adam II

In Lichtenstein you’ll find a very rich prince. Prince Hans Adam II draws his $3.5-Billion fortune from the Lichtenstein Global Trust. This is a family owned private wealth firm and the biggest of its kind in all of Europe.

What does Hans Adam do with his riches? This royal has a love for art and collects many pieces. There are so many that he can create an entire display, which is on show at the Lichtenstein Museum. So at least you can enjoy some of his pleasures with him.

You can see many of these royals draw their fortunes from other ventures, so you don’t need a title to make you rich. Even without some blue blood in your veins, perhaps all you need is the right ticket. With the correct numbers you can experience some of what these monarchs do.

These royals were lucky to be born into rich families. You can be lucky and win a jackpot. Got your ticket yet?