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The 5 cities with most annual leave days

Wed 16 Dec 2015, By Jerry Westford
5 cities with most annual leave days

As any lotto winner would know, once you win the jackpot, life becomes one endless vacation. But for many, they have to build up their leave days until the end of the year when they must cash in their annual leave. And right now, we're looking at those cities across the world that offer the most leave days away from that stuffy office.

Manama (Bahrain)

This right here is the city with the most annual leave and the lucky residents get up to 34 days every year to spend as they please. It's especially important to cash in on this leave when summer hits Bahrain as the temperatures averages 35 - 40C, this is when everyone heads for the cooler climates in Europe.

Rome (Italy)

The standard time off for a resident of Rome is a fantastic 32 days. Yet there is an issue in Rome currently, and that is of a fiercely high level of unemployment. Because of this, many are on a permeant vacation. Those who have a job are truly trying to hold onto it and the very idea of taking a holiday is not on the cards for those who live and work in Rome. But when they do take time off, the residents will visit their beautiful countryside and because this is Europe, the cost of travelling to other fantastic cities is incredibly low.

Moscow (Russia)

Because residents of Moscow get roughly 31 days off each year, many of them will split this evenly to enjoy their time off in both winter and summer. One of the most popular destinations are the resorts at the Russian Black Sea, a highly affordable destination.

Lima (Peru)

Residents of Lima look forward to almost 31 days of annual leave. During this time, they will head to the rainforests, or to the many beaches of Lima. Lima is a walking city and most of its fantastic amenities are located close by, so those who choose to cash in on all of their vacation days may just stay within the city limits and enjoy everything this city has on offer, such as the niche restaurants and hotels.

São Paulo (Brazil)

The government in this restless Brazilian city gives their employees on average, 31 days of leave per year. With this amount of leave, the citizens here love to travel during their free time. It's mostly the government workers who will capitalise on the maximum allowable days off, as many other workers simply cannot afford to be away from their companies for such a long period of time. Most of the annual leave days are taken during the end of the year and at Christmas so that residents can travel abroad.

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