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The Cost of Becoming Bond

Fri 06 Nov 2015, By Jerry Westford
How much does it cost in real life to be James Bond

Winning it big with the EuroMillions would enable anyone to live that James Bond lifestyle. That means jet-setting across the world, drinking expensive martinis, driving luxury cars and fiddling around with cool gadgets.

And now with Spectre, the 24th James Bond film currently blazing up the box-office charts, more lottery players then every before are looking at that massive jackpot as their way to experience the James Bond lifestyle. But how much would it cost to live that life, would it even be possible for the EuroMillions lottery jackpot grand prize winner? Let's take a look:

Becoming Bond

We begin with the most expensive item first, namely his one-bedroom apartment in West London. The average cost of purchasing a property in this luxury area is $1.5-million.

Spectre has the devilishly handsome Bond jetting off to Mexico and the Swiss Alps, setting you back roughly $2000 for travelling to both settings with a few nights accommodation.

James Bond drives the latest DB9 GT Aston Martin "Bond Edition", currently on sale for $250 000. That's affordable for any EuroMillions jackpot winner.

Accessories are also what makes Bond so unique. He sports an OMEGA Seamaster 300 watch ($6000) and uses the Sony Xperia Z5 ($850) as his way of communicating back to base.

Bond wears only the finest in suits, namely Italian pressed cotton. It's custom designed by fashion guru Tom Ford, and costs $4000.

Is it possible?

This is close to $2-million, or just under €1.8-million. Either way, that's very little money (in comparison) for a EuroMillions jackpot winner to worry about. With the minimum jackpot just over €15-million, any jackpot prize winner could become James Bond seven times over. Now isn't that a great fact? Now, you'll just need to be as cool, calm and fit as the fictional hero himself, which is as tough as winning the grand jackpot prize, some would say.