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The Exciting Lifestyle of a €190M Jackpot Winner

Fri 15 Dec 2017, By Lisa Bonnet
Exciting lifestyles of lottery winners

You’ll never have a dull moment when you keep up with lottery results. Earlier this month was no different when viewers suspected discrepancies in the well known Irish National Lottery.

It caused immense confusion and was talked about more than the jackpot that was available.

It all started on the night of the draw of the 7th of October, when reflecting light made a number 38 ball appear to have one number 33 printed on it. As it dropped during the draw many people who had number 33 on their lottery tickets thought they had won prizes. But it was only because light played a trick on everyone’s eyes.

The Irish Lottery had to reassure the public their auditing processes were in order before the comments stopped streaming in. But this is simply one way the lottery can make your life exciting.

The start of that month saw another sensational event. One of the largest EuroMillions rollover jackpots ever was won! The winner from Spain was €190M richer after picking the winning numbers of 1-9-15-19-25 and Bonus Balls 1 & 7. Imagine what that must feel like!

If you purchase your ticket in time you can be this week’s winner. Tonight' astounding Mega Millions jackpot of $208-Million can make your life very thrilling. Here are simply some of the ways millionaires make sure their days are never dull.

Get on the Course

Can you see it’s not only about spending your time in mansions? Outside you’ll find many exhilarating activities. Tennis and golf are excellent options to try out.

On these courses you keep up your competitive attitude and experience the thrill of winning time after time. What better way of reminding yourself of the triumphant feeling you had when the lottery results checker announced you’re a winner.

At elite sport clubs you get the best service and mingle with top businessmen. This is where you’ll find out how best to use and invest your fortune.

Get Yourself a Boat

Water sport is synonymous with the life of the rich and famous. Why not try it yourself? The new EuroMillions winner can definitely afford a luxury yacht and add water sport features such as water ski, tubing and jet skis.

If you do get tired of the high adrenaline life simply set off into the sunset and visit an exotic island. That’s the type of fun your fortune can guarantee.

Invest in Rare Collectibles

What will you do when you’re home in your luxurious mansion? Those who are used to wealthy living love investing in rare collectibles. This is not frivolous money spending. This hobby is all about gathering assets.

Yes, instead of keeping all of your fortune in the bank you may want to consider these treasures because their values increase over time:

  • Art pieces
  • Vintage cars
  • Vintage wine
  • Sports memorabilia

They can be worth millions and why not showcase your new lifestyle in an eye catching way? And there’s so much to learn you’ll never grow tired of it. Simply pick items you find interesting.

Have a Ski Holiday

When you own a fortune you can enjoy luxury holidays any time of the year! And a ski getaway is one of the best ways to create holiday memories.

It’s a unique activity that combines skilled sportsmanship with the stunning mountain views of Italy, Norway or Switzerland. And if you fall in love with this sport why not buy a house near a ski resort and stay forever?

Yes. These exciting pass times all become possible when you play the lottery. Have you bought your lottery ticket online? October's huge EuroMillions jackpot winner probably never thought they would be this lucky. One decision started an entire life of excitement. And you can have it too!