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The Golden Cristal Ube Donut is the world's first 24-carat snack

Tue 19 Jan 2016, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
The Golden Cristal Ube Donut is the world's first 24-carat snack

Are you hungry enough to gobble down a day's salary and up your blood sugar level? Then the Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, New York has a special treat for you: for the cost of $100, you can enjoy a golden doughnut. The Golden Cristal Ube Donut.

The golden delicious (we're guessing) Cristal Ube Donut by the Manila Social Club is just, put simply, pure extravagance. It's a plain doughnut, covered in 24-carat gold, filled with Ube mousse, Cristal champagne icing, champagne jelly and it looks like it should be adorning a rap stars' necklace.

To celebrate 2016, the Manila Social club, which specializes in delicious Filipino cuisine, usually offers its doughnuts for $40 per dozen. Are people willing to pay for it? The head chef, Björn DelaCruz believes so.

"I wanted to add something [to the menu] for the new year to celebrate how long we have been going, I didn't know people would go and order a dozen [of these] at a time! But then again, it is New York, and there are people willing to put down a grand for a dozen doughnuts."

The chef is also in love with champagne, hence the champagne jelly and icing.

"The reason I chose Cristal over another type of champagne is because Cristal has really great honey notes which goes great with ube (purple yam). For me, it's shiny and it's golden, but it comes together to create a really great doughnut, as crazy as that sounds."

As for how many have been sold, the chef is keeping quiet on this front, only saying that these doughnuts truly deserve to be sold, as each one is a work of art. Those who've recently won a bit of extra cash because they decided to play lotto online should plan a trip to New York and celebrate with this ultra-luxurious doughnut.