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The Next EuroMillions Superdraw is Almost Here!

Tue 18 Sep 2018, By Patty Reynolds
It's time for another SuperDraw

This Friday 21st September the EuroMillions is a Superdraw, with the jackpot pumped up to €130 000 000!

That means that even if tonight's 'modest' €45-Million jackpot is won, Friday's draw will be dynamite.

Rollovers are always exciting, but every once in a while the people behind the EuroMillions lottery decide to speed things up with a EuroMillions Superdraw, skipping the usual roll-over increases and immediately setting the jackpot to a much higher level. They only happen a couple of times a year so they are always an event. It's like a turbo boost for the EuroMillions lottery.

Even these Superdraw jackpots can roll over if they are not won on the night. The EuroMillions tops out at €190-Million. It used to be that this jackpot was rolled down again if it wasn't won pretty quickly, but thanks to the rules changes a few years ago the EuroMillions can stay at €190-Million for up to five draws before the jackpot rolls down. Getting to the €190-Million jackpot cap is pretty rare, though. It has only happened three times in the past.

The first time it happened was in August 2012, when a couple from the UK were the lucky tickets holders. Next, in 2014, the €190-Million was won by an anonymous player from Portugal. Finally, it most recently happened almost a year ago when in early October 2017 a lucky Spanish player took the €190-Million jackpot. So don't wait around, someone is probably going to win this jackpot before it hits the cap.

So what does a 'roll down' mean again? That's what happens if nobody wins the EuroMillions jackpot once it has reached €190 000 000 for a total of five draws. On the sixth draw, the prize "rolls down" to be shared between the players in the next prize tier (matching five numbers and only one Lucky Star).

So, this Friday's EuroMillions jackpot means it's currently worth even more than its famous American counterpart, the US Powerball lottery. The Powerball jackpot for tomorrow's draw is $163-Million, which is amazing, but will be overshadowed by the EuroMillions - at least for now. If that's not rich enough for you, though, try the MegaMillions lottery - tonight's jackpot is $252-Million.

Better yet, take the opportunity to play all three of these exciting lotteries this week. The more you play, the better your chances, after all!