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The best Black Friday tips that will also help you win the lottery

Thu 19 Nov 2015, By Patty Reynolds
Black Friday Tips that will help you win the lottery

Black Friday, for those unsure as to exactly what it is, just happens to be a festival of shopping unlike any other.

It's as if everyone in the US has won the lottery at the same time, as retailers drop the cost of their goods to crazy-low prices.

The tradition of Black Friday (that takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving) begun almost a century ago and shoppers have been going nuts for it ever since. We mentioned earlier that Black Friday feels like a lottery win for all shoppers, but did you know that Black Friday shopping tips can help you to win the lottery? It's true, and here's how it's done:

News Alerts

Many of us use Google to find the hottest lottery news, results, when draws take place and so on. This is to keep current with our favourite pastime. There's an easier way to track this of course, and that's by using Google News Alerts! Just go to and type in a lottery term you'd like to be alerted to. Let's say you want to know exactly when the EuroMillions jackpot is won. You could type "EuroMillions winner" or "EuroMillions jackpot winner" into the alert and then set how often you'd like to be reminded. Black Friday shoppers would traditionally use this alerts to let them know exactly when a specific item goes on sale and at what store.

Always online lottery games for quick access

While the tradition of stampeding into a physical store is all well and good for some customers, most of the world (those who have access to the internet) prefers to shop online. Besides, the best deals are announced on the bigger websites days before Black Friday goods are displayed in store. The same goes for the lottery, which can be played online from anywhere, and at any time of the day. It just makes sense to play the lottery online as users are no longer restricted to the lottery of their country and can play lottery game from Europe, the US and everywhere in-between.

Playing online also nets the user exclusive deals and discounts when they purchase tickets in bundles, or play in a lottery syndicate. Even better, online lottery games can be played right on a smartphone without even needing access to a computer. It's quick, it's simple and it's a lot more fun then visiting a physical lotto kiosk.

Discover incredible lottery deals with newsletters

Black Friday shoppers use store leaflets to discover what bargains they can grab. Lottery players subscribe to many email newsletters to ensure that they never miss out on a deal. With a lottery email subscription to a few popular sites, it will be impossible to miss out on the biggest, most important lottery draws.

Lottery newsletters also alert the reader to special deals and discounts so there's the option of saving money on the next lottery ticket purchase. Another great tip is to connect with your favourite lottery sites on social media, then it'll be impossible to miss their best deals if Twitter and Facebook is there to remind you.