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Train to be a Millionaire

Thu 14 Sep 2017, By Dean Cromwell
Training for wealth

Someone is going to get it right. The next EuroMillions Superdraw - with its Jackpot of €130-Million - is coming this Friday. Will you wake up on Saturday morning to find that your life is forever changed for the better? If you own a jackpot-winning ticket you’re in line for huge lifestyle changes.

Many winners aren’t prepared for this.

One person who made sure he prepared well is the winner of €500 000 from a EuroMillions draw in July. This farmer from Clare took almost three months before claiming his prize. He took his time because he wanted to plan how to spend it and let the excitement die down first. Now he can enjoy his money in peace.

If you win this Friday's Euromillions lottery will you be ready to handle it? Here are some tips from other millionaires around the world. Start planning how you’ll enjoy the luxury of having a fortune at your disposal.

What car do you think is best?

One of the first things to add to your life is a new car. You could enjoy driving exotic and expensive marques such as Ferrarri or Lamborghini, but you may be interested to learn that a recent survey found that more millionaires prefer to drive cars from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus, with GMC coming surprisingly highly rated as well. 

These options make sense if you want your fortune to last you the rest of your life. These brands are known for their quality and their values won’t quickly depreciate. Make sure your money brings you the best you can afford.

Plan Ahead

The farmer who won his EuroMillions prize probably planned out his financial future. This is a smart thing that’s characteristic of most millionaires. Do you have a financial advisor yet? With the correct planning you can make sure your fortune gives you a luxurious life for years to come.

The rich and famous people don’t leave anything to chance. A proper retirement plan is part of most millionaires’ lives. When you look at history you see that many millionaires lose their money and then generate a new fortune. This is an exciting way to live but a retirement plan is a smart backup plan. Are you ready for the thrills of having, using and making money?

This is how Bill Gates does it

If there’s a millionaire to follow it must be Bill Gates. He manages to stay at the top of the list of the rich and famous. His advice is worth listening to.

Bill Gates proclaims he won’t leave his fortune to his family. He plans on donating it to others. His motivation is that it may be used well by institutions while it’s probable family members will squander it. While you purchase your lottery ticket you can start planning where your money can be used best now and in future.

What will You Enjoy doing?

If you have a fortune to enjoy you can do with your time what you like. Millionaires around the world add these activities to their schedules:

  • Over 70% of millionaires exercise regularly. They must keep healthy to enjoy their money.
  • More than 60% of millionaires read or listen to audio books.

What activities are you going to take up?

There’s no reason why the next big lottery jackpot can’t be yours. So when you play lottery online and find you have a big win, don’t let the shock overwhelm you. Take a moment to think about what your new lifestyle will be like, and how you will maintain it.