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Twin Californian sisters win $6 million and purchase new socks to celebrate

Wed 24 Feb 2016, By Jerry Westford
After buying $20 worth of lottery scatcher tickets, twin sisters win $6 million

Twin sisters who won a small fortune with a USA lottery-based scratch card are now both instant millionaires and will be splitting their $6 million win. They also purchased the lottery ticket because they saw "a sign".

These now extremely happy sisters won the money and now plan to split it, yet it won't be down the middle, as is tradition with most lottery wins.

Here's what one of the sisters has to say:

"We had a longstanding rule -- and Laura established it because she's so unlucky -- that whoever buys the ticket gets 60 percent and the other gets 40 percent."
After their mother won $12 00 in the lottery a few years back, the sister both became avid lottery players. Oddly enough, one of their first purchases was a pair of new socks. "We both went out and completely replaced all of our socks so everyone's socks were thrown away and we'll never have to find matching pairs again."

Laura and Lisa Poorman (who may have to change their surname due to their overwhelming riches) live in California, in the small town of San Ramon and went on to purchase the lottery scratcher ticket earlier this month. It was all thanks to a sign, as one of the sisters saw a "lucky" yellow ladybug. "I thought in the back of my head, there's a yellow ladybug - I should probably buy a lottery ticket. If there's any sign, that's it."

After this, she went to buy lottery scratch-off tickets to the value of $20. When she discovered that one of the tickets paid off, screaming ensured. The sisters then raced off to the official lottery offices in California to verify their win. Once their cash was confirmed, they treated their family to a meal at a restaurant to celebrate. Unlike many lottery winners, the sisters have decided to take the 25-year payout over a lump sum. "We decided to do annuity so we'll take it over 25 years. It's not like we're quitting our jobs. It's life altering without being life altering." So for the next 25 years, they'll receive payments of $20 000. A great return on investment for a pair of $20 tickets.