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U.S. Powerball changing for the better

Mon 12 Oct 2015, By Patty Reynolds
You might be the next millionaire!

The big news this week, lottery fans, is that the U.S. Powerball has changed quite a bit in order for the jackpot to increase.

It has the chance to be the largest Powerball win ever eventually, but the odds have gone up from 1 in 175-million to 1 in 292-million, as there are now more balls to pick from and players will have to pick 5 winning numbers out of a possible 69, with only one out of 26 Powerball numbers needed to secure that enormous jackpot for one lucky player.

So it may look like the odds are not in your favour anymore, but that's just a perception due to the mathematical improbability of winning the lottery. You'll be contributing to what will soon be the biggest jackpot of all time and in order to win it, you'll need to keep on playing.

In fact, even your odds of winning have improved! Winning the grand jackpot has gone up from 1 in 31, to 1 in 24! The ticket prices have even remained the same, so be on the lookout for sites that offer Powerball lottery games that are now more expensive as we wouldn't want you to miss the opportunity of affording more tickets due to unnecessary increases in ticket prices.