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UK lottery crowns another £32 million winner!

Tue 23 Feb 2016, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
UK lottery crowns another £32 million winner!

Another UK lottery winner has scooped a multi-million-pound prize. This time, it's a couple from Peterborough (who've become the 85th lottery millionaires since October 2015). The anonymous couple has won £32 million, making them one of the biggest European lottery winners of 2016.

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So how did they crack this life-changing prize? They matched all six numbers of the lottery draw, which is an incredible 45-million-to-1 odds! What is fairly odd is that the now incredibly rich couple took well over a week to claim their prize. Whatever the specific reason for that is, we're yet to find out as the couple has not revealed it! The number of lottery balls increased, pushing the odds of winning the mega jackpot from 14-million to 45-million-to-1. With odds like that, many have complained, and rightly so.

Ever since the lottery changed its odds, it's become increasingly difficult for the general public to crack the top lottery prize and as such, we've now seen over 29 rollovers since the rule change in October. Most lottery draws have not found a winner and because of this, lottery gamers have flocked in droves to competing lottery games. The national UK lottery is still upbeat though, saying

"Lotto promises bigger winners and more millionaires, and it has delivered. This ticket-holder is the third biggest Lotto winner, with the biggest ever winners only having been made last month."

All these changes have been for the good of the players, as this increases the capacity for rollovers, leading to enormous prizes, such as a couple from Scotland who scored £66.8 million, a record-breaking lottery win.