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UK caregiver wins £3-million from random lottery scratch card

Wed 27 Jan 2016, By Patty Reynolds
UK caregiver wins £3-million from random lottery scratch card

Those who want to win all of those lottery millions will go to any length to secure the jackpot for themselves. Buying it from the store, or even playing a quick lottery game online is all par for the course when you've got lottery fever.

Then, there are some who simply test their luck, buy a spur-of-the-moment lottery scratch card and score that million-in-one chance of striking it rich. This happened to Susan Richards from the UK, who purchased a lottery scratch card just because she had exact change for it in her pocket and found herself a cool £3 million richer when she scratched away.

"I wasn't going to treat myself to the scratch card but when I put my hand in my pocket I pulled out the exact change, four £2, one £1, one 50p, a couple of 20ps and a 10p. Taking this as a sign I had a quiet chuckle to myself and bought the treat and left the shop," said a jubilant Susan.

After sitting in her car, quietly scratching away, Susan let out a yelp as the words "£3MIL" revealed themselves under the silver foil.

Susan says that her deceased father, an avid lottery fan, helped her to celebrate this enormous win.

"Sadly it didn't happen for him but as I sat there in my car trying to compute I'd won £3million, a little white feather drifted down onto the windscreen. I don't care what anyone says, that was my dad letting me know he was celebrating for me up there!"
After winning, Susan went into the store she purchased the scratch card from to confirm the win with Camelot Lottery.

While Susan is a caregiver, there is little chance that she will keep her job now, as the £3-million ($4.26-million) is more than enough to keep her happy and content for the rest of her days.