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US Powerball Lottery tries to break records with potential $1 billion jackpot

Fri 02 Oct 2015, By Lisa Bonnet
Big Changes coming for US Powerball

It's hard to imagine what anyone would do with $1-Billion. It's a crazy amount of money so let me just put it this way: if you were to spend $10 000 every day of your life, it would takes 275 years to spend it all!

So it's more than enough money, statistically speaking, for four lifetimes. What if you could win that much on a single lottery jackpot?

All of that is about to come true in October in the United States as the US Powerball lottery increases the odds of winning making the possibility of more rollovers that could get close to a mind-numbingly crazy $1-Billion jackpot!

Way back in July of 2015, the US Lottery Commission decided to implement changes which would essentially mean that even more of the prize money would be distributed among the winners. An executive director of the lotteries had this to say:

"We are excited about the upcoming improvements. The intent of the change is to raise more funding for lottery beneficiaries. For players, the change will make it easier to win a prize in the game; will increase participation at the lower jackpot levels; and will generate those larger jackpots that appeal to our players."

More participation, further winnings will seed into charities and someone will eventually score that billion-dollar prize!

Allow me to quickly explain how the new rules will operate:

Currently, all Powerball lottery players select 5 main numbers from a potential range of 1 to 59, plus one Powerball number from 1 to 35.

When the games changed on 4 October 2015, Powerball lottery players will now select 5 main numbers from 1 to 59, plus one Powerball number 1 to 26.

Truly, there will be more of a chance for you as a player to win big in regards to matching the Powerball number. In fact, odds will increase from 1 in 34 to 1 in 25! This is represented in the advert for the new Billion-dollar Powerball - Believe in Something Bigger!

With the odds for picking the Powerball having decreased, that means there's even a better chance of you winning that huge jackpot at the end of the day. And isn't that worth playing for a ticket that only costs a few dollars?