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US Powerball jackpot soars to a further whopping $700 million!

Fri 08 Jan 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Saturday's $700 million US Powerball lottery draw is largest in American history

The biggest ever lottery jackpot, the US Powerball has increased even further from $675 million to an astonishing $700 million! Due to a startling increase in US Powerball lottery ticket sales, the grand jackpot has been boosted to this even further record-breaking amount.

Some quick facts to celebrate this news:

  • The US Powerball jackpot prize can be paid out as an annuity over thirty years
  • Taking the cash-option payout will be $428.4 million
  • 75% of all US Powerball tickets sold have had their numbers generated by the quick pick option

If no one matches all six winning numbers for the draw happening tomorrow night 9 January, the jackpot will roll over again. Who knows, we might see our first billion-dollar lottery draw coming out of the USA very soon...

Original story

This is it: it's officially the most humongous lottery draw of all time.

The US Powerball didn't crown a winner on Wednesday, meaning that Saturday's draw will give away a crazy $675 million - this makes it the single largest jackpot prize ever in the history of the US lottery.

The Wednesday US Powerball draw had a jackpot of $500 million that no one managed to scoop, it rolled over, so for one lucky person, they may get to win it all with this unbelievable rollover jackpot.

The only time a US Powerball lottery jackpot came close to this insane amount was back in March 2012, where a jackpot of $656 million was won. On Wednesday's US Powerball draw, the biggest winner was a ticket owner from Burbank, California who matched six numbers and managed to score themselves a cool $424 000.

While we're at it, let's quickly recap the biggest lottery winners in US history, just to get your engines revving: Before that $656 million win, a woman from Georgia won $648 million in Dec 2013. In May 2013, one lucky person from Florida won $590 million. And in Aug 2013, $448 million was won and shared by three ticket holders, two from New Jersey and one from Minnesota.

A surge in jackpots translates to a surge in new lottery players, with over 300 million tickets purchased between Sunday and Wednesday for the previous draw alone. According to the official Texas state lottery, this is ten times the regular amount and is specially owed to this mega-jackpot.

While the odds of winning are a staggering 292.2 million, it could be you who scoops this record-making prize. LottosOnline has US Powerball tickets waiting to be purchased. Signup or login to become part of history in the making.