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US Powerball $1.4 billion - join the billionaire club!

Tue 12 Jan 2016, By Dean Cromwell
US Powerball jackpot prize worth $1.4 billion

This is it, it's time to join the billionaire's club. How, you may ask? Simple enough: just buy PowerBall tickets online, pick your winning numbers and wait for the $1.4 billion US PowerBall draw this Wednesday, 11 Jan.

This indeed is the single largest lottery jackpot prizes in recorded history.

While it's not the largest ever jackpot amount - that accolade goes to the El Gordo raffle that has prizes valued over $2 billion - but it will be biggest win ever if a single player wins, as the El Gordo's billions are shared amongst thousands of winners.

The largest ever single player win previously was $656 million back in 2012. The US Powerball has been slowly increasing over the past weeks as no one has managed to match the correct five numbers plus the PowerBall. As such, millions of players across America have been eagerly snapping up US PowerBall lottery tickets. Owing to this, the lottery jackpot pool has steadily increased. For one lucky winner who manages to hook that billion-dollar payday, they'll take home $806 million if they select an immediate lump sum pay-out.

So what could you do with $1.4 billion? We've compiled a short list of the hottest toys and treats a new billionaire could purchase:

  • A trip to the moon - $750 million
  • The Solomon Islands - $800 million
  • One of a kind 1936 Mercedes Benz - $15 million

While this jackpot may seem crazy to you, what you dream about can come true if you win the upcoming US Powerball lottery. Select your numbers with confidence and see if you can beat the 292-million-to-1 odds. Someone stands the chance to win it and walk away with more money than they'll ever need in a lifetime.