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US Powerball reaches an astonishing $300 million jackpot

Tue 29 Dec 2015, By Jerry Westford
The US Powerball Jackpot is now $300 million

Here's a nugget of good news just before 2015 comes to a close. The US Powerball is readying itself for yet another record-breaking draw. This time, the jackpot is worth an astounding $300 million!

The draw takes place on Wednesday 30 December. No one managed to match the winning numbers last week, so the jackpot rolled over to this astonishing amount.

Those who win it all and want to take the cash lump sum option (in lieu of a yearly annuity), will get just over $184 million! No matter how you look at it, you've got to try your luck and play this Wednesday's USA Powerball!

Here are last week's winning lottery numbers, proving once again that playing the high numbers (mostly those over 30) is a sure bet: 27- 40-44-59-65. Those who matched at least five numbers would have won $1 million, but no one came forward to claim any of the larger amounts.

In the US state of Michigan, over 31 000 ticket holders won the cost of the lottery ticket and more back, or an amount of $4.00. A total of three players managed to win $50 000 (made possible by matching 4 numbers plus the Powerball). This is the third largest US Powerball jackpot of the year, with 2015's biggest winner a woman from Michigan: Julia Leach, who won the $310.5 million jackpot. Before that, three extremely lucky lottery winners had to abide by a three-way split of $564.1 million jackpot. It's been one an excellent year for the state of Michigan with the biggest number of lottery winners out of any state in the USA. And in fact, is the luckiest state of 2015, as four other lottery players won $1 million in this year alone.

On Wednesday December 30, lottery players from 44 US states will test how lucky they are as one person can potentially match all six numbers plus the Powerball and win this massive jackpot. You don't have to be in America to play the US Powerball though, as purchasing a ticket on LottosOnline is just a click away. Buy your US Powerball lottery ticket now and enter into one of the year's last biggest draws!