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Unbelievable jackpot win shows you can be lucky more than once

Thu 20 Apr 2017, By Lisa Bonnet
Lighting strikes more than twice

Most individuals dream of winning big only once. It seems unbelievable that such incredibly good luck could ever come around again. But as we will show you, it does indeed happen. If you have been fortunate enough to win good money on a lottery game at least once in your lifetime, that's no reason to stop playing - lighting can indeed strike twice, or even three times!

Time and time again the finger of Lady Luck has settled again on the same person or family. The only thing these lucky individuals did was to regularly take their chances on their favorite lottery game. They enjoyed the excitement and their commitment was rewarded.

Lady Luck visits once again

Barbara and Douglas Fink are regular players of the Western Canada Lottery. Because they had already won two previous lottery prizes, it didn't seem possible that they should win again. But who are we to doubt the possibilities when anyone purchases a lottery ticket?

The couple’s latest win shortly before Easter makes them $6.1 Million richer. Now they’re able to help their children as well as travel and buy their dream house. And why can’t your dreams become reality? You simply need to try the lottery until you pick the lotto winning numbers.

If you think the Finks’ experience is unique you better get ready to have your foundations rocked, because there are more examples of this amazing luck to come.

Bruce Magistro

In 2012 Bruce struck it lucky and took home $1 Million, which was an answer to his prayers as he he was facing huge medical costs. Four years later he won the same amount again in a different lottery game. You never know where you’re going to find your pot of gold. Bruce would probably tell you, the secret of how to win the lottery is simply to keep trying.

For Bruce the money came at the right time since he faced the challenge of putting together his life and paying off medical bills after his wife sadly passed away. That’s what the lottery does. Winning lottery numbers bring joy to anyone’s day.

Gina Short

Another exceptional story involves Gina Short who is fighting breast cancer. She also faced paying off medical bills when she won $250 000 in May 2016. However this was Gina’s second time at winning because in February 2016 she walked away with a $1 Million. Both of these winnings made her battle with cancer a bit less worrisome. How brave she is to keep on fighting and also to keep on hoping to win.

Larry Gambles

You can laugh at his surname but it seems to serve him well. Mr Gambles won $50 000 in 2007. Nine years later he decided to use the exact same lottery numbers and once again they brought him luck. A million dollars are now in his pocket because he had the insight to trust once more.

The Frys

In the UK a very lucky family resides. The Frys have had four winners in their family. Annette—a cousin—won £1 151 496 in 2010. After that Margaret Fry won £20 000 in 2015 and then in August 2016 Peter & Mary Fry won £1 Million. Maybe it’s in their blood or the family learnt the trick of the trade.

Whatever the reason for luck to keep knocking on certain doors it seems to require a simple thing called commitment. Even if you’ve won in the past, dust of your favorite mega millions numbers and try again. It still pays to play the lottery - your next lottery ticket could contain the winning lottery numbers and  you could add your name to the growing list of people who seem doubly lucky.