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Unluckiest person in the UK washes away her lottery winnings

Tue 26 Jan 2016, By Patty Reynolds
woman in the UK washes 33 million pound lottery ticket

Earlier this week, we discovered a woman who found her husband's winning lottery ticket in his pants, the moment before she threw them into a washing machine. Because of her good luck and keen eye, they both won $100 000.

Today, we find a woman from Worcester in the UK who apparently has a £33 million lottery ticket, yet had the misfortune of leaving it in the wash...

Susanne Hinte, a grandmother of four, accidently placed her supposed winning ticket, purchased from her local outlet Ambleside News, in the wash. We say "supposed" because Susanne's ticket is missing the barcode, which has been utterly destroyed by the soapy water. Without this, the ticket cannot be verified. To add further pain to Susanne's plight, the date of the ticket has also been washed off.

While the winning numbers of the lottery are undeniable proof for the owner, the National Lottery requires that the barcode is in operation, so that the lottery machine can scan it, otherwise it could be a forgery. Despite this, Susanne has been practically inundated with letters, emails, phones calls and text messages from friends and family begging her for cash. Yes, there is no confirmation that she has won anything, but she is already being hounded for money.

"She's already had begging letters from people asking for money. She works and has worked all her life but I'm not saying what she does. If she has won she wants to set her family up for life and she plans to give some money to charity,"
says Susanne's daughter, Natasha.

While Susanne wished to remain anonymous (as this is an option in the UK), her name leaked out onto social media platform Facebook, causing the surge in begging. The lottery company that sold Susanne the ticket is investigating the case and will make an announcement shortly regarding her win.