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Want to Win One of the Biggest Jackpots Ever? Play SuperEnalotto

Tue 09 Jan 2018, By Lisa Bonnet
Hooray for SuperEnaLotto!

What’s your favourite feature about playing the lotto? If it’s about balancing risks with enormous returns on investment, try SuperEnaLotto as part of your plays this week. The SuperEnaLotto is respected because it generates some of the biggest jackpots the world will ever see.

And even if you don’t win the big prize, the other winning options are still rewarding enough. Ready to get to know your new favourite game?

How the Game Works

In its current format, the SuperEnaLotto is really simple. You just have to pick six numbers from 1 to 90. They just have to be the right six numbers and you win the jackpot. You get another shot at a big prize if you match five numbers and the 'Jolly' - a seventh number, drawn after the main numbers, that opens up the second prize tier.

You also get a chance to win a quick €25 instantly if four of the line of numbers you select match four randomly-generated numbers that get printed on your ticket in what is called a 'quadrato magico', or magic square.  

SuperEnaLotto is usually played three times a week. This is more than most lottery games are played around the globe. If you enter the same numbers during consecutive games you have more chances of winning each week!

While the draws usually take place on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, sometimes special events or holidays mean that the schedule is adjusted slightly. For example, the draw that would ordinarily have taken place on Saturday 6 January this year instead took place on Monday the 8th, meaning that this week will see a total of four draws.


The SuperEnaLotto lottery game is currently run by SISAL under licence from the Italian Government and has been very popular for over six decades. It started life in the 1950's as the 'EnaLotto' and was made 'Super' in 1997. The SuperEnaLotto in its current form started in 2009.

Before then, the numbers drawn in regional Lotto draws in Italian cities were used as Enalotto numbers. The cities were:

  • Bari
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Palermo
  • Rome
  • Venice, which provided the 'Jolly' number

While this made the game quite exciting for the players from the various cities, the fatal flaw was that there were times when different cities drew the same numbers, making it impossible to win the jackpot. So sometimes simpler is better. Today you can enjoy a pleasingly straightforward game with the potential for a massive lottery jackpot win.

How does the Jackpot grow?

The game designers really set up an excellent system to make sure winners strike it big! Here’s how:

  • There are no limits to how big the jackpot can get. Other lottery games, such as the EuroMillions lottery, usually create a maximum amount. 
  • Because there aren’t any limits to how big the jackpot can get, there are no roll downs. This happens in other games where the jackpot gets won by the lower prize tier after the maximum jackpot amount is reached. This can often result in the jackpot getting split between multiple ticket holders. 
  • Regular rollovers mean the jackpot total grows steadily from draw to draw.

Historic Moments

Do you need some proof of what’s possible when you play this game? These previous lottery winners are ample motivation to buy lotto tickets online today:

  • The largest SuperEnaLotto jackpot was €177-Million. The jackpot grew to this size thanks to eight months’ worth of rollovers. This prize was won by a group of 70 people who formed a syndicate. Their logistics paid off as they each received €2.5M for their investments.
  • One lucky SuperEnaLotto ticket holder won a €142-Million jackpot in 2009. Imagine getting all that cash for yourself!

Now you know how the game works, it could just bring you your lucky break! The SuperEnalotto has made the fortunes of many winners in the past and you can be one of them. Try it as part of your games for the ultimate adrenaline rush! Imagine if your numbers feature next!