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We Have Winners! And the Jackpot is Big Enough for Two

Mon 09 Jul 2018, By Lisa Bonnet
A steady stream of millionaires was created for over a month

For someone, somewhere, the unthinkable happened. Actually, this happened for two someones. Yes, two lucky ticket holders guessed the winning numbers this past Friday and the capped €90-Million EuroJackpot has finally been won!

Now we’re just waiting to see who the lucky two people are.

All it took to change their lives forever was guessing the numbers 2-7-24-38-45 and EuroNumbers 5 & 8. And luckily for them, after hitting the cap at the end of May the jackpot is still more than enough for two winners to share. With each winner walking away with €45M, they won’t even mind dividing the spoils.

Speaking of sharing, for just over the past month the EuroJackpot has been making millionnaires out of the next tier of winners - those missing out on the jackpot by just one EuroNumber. In fact, since the drawing of 25th May, some 27 lottery tickets have won well over €1-Million each this way. So while the jackpot doesn't get as big as the EuroMillions lottery, there's certainly a lot at stake!

Do you play the lottery weekly to ensure you will also enjoy such a fortune one day? Don’t wait for your family inheritance. Your life of luxury can start with the next MegaMillions draw. Imagine your bank account grows by $306-Million. That’s another jackpot that’s enough to make you smile, even if you have to share.

If you get the winning lotto numbers right, you’ll enjoy the same privileges and lifestyles of these siblings. They will one day enjoy their family fortunes, but they’re so large, I’m sure they don’t mind sharing either.

The Waltons

Who doesn’t know about Wal-Mart? Did you know it’s a family owned business? Since its establishment in 1962 it has grown massively so today it’s the world’s largest retail company.

Luckily for the children and grandchildren of founders Sam and Bud Walton it remained in the family. You can see the children are passionate about the business, because most of them have roles in the company.

With their collective fortune estimated to be about $175-Billion, there’s enough family money to go around.

The Mars Family

Imagine making your fortune out of candy. That’s a sweet deal. And that’s what happened when Frank C. Mars tried his hand at selling sweet products in 1911. His wasn't an overnight success, but he persisted and within a decade the family was on track to sweet success.

Today everyone wants Mars products as the company diversified and owns many brands. All of it makes the Mars family one of the richest in America with an estimated fortune of $80-Billion.

The Slims

In Mexico you’ll find the Slim family. They’re financial geniuses, controlling 40% of Mexico’s exchange. It started with Carlos Slim Helú who at one stage was the richest person in the world. His company will one day all be in the hands of his six children.

The riches of their father’s $61.3-Billion fortune is more than enough to share between loved ones, right?

So where will you put your trust to be able to taste and enjoy rich living? It could be just around the corner, but you need a winning lottery ticket to make it happen. Are you ready to put that huge MegaMillions jackpot in your bank account?