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What Empire will You Build with a $298-Million Jackpot?

Wed 20 May 2020, By Patty Reynolds
Build your own Empire

What do the Kardashians and Rhianna have in common? Their money helped them start businesses that turned into empires. They got their starting capital from the entertainment industry.

But you can get yours from simply winning a jackpot.

This Friday's MegaMillions jackpot is worth a whopping $298-Million because nobody managed to guess last night's winning lottery numbers of 8-19-25-36-66 and MegaBall of 9. With that capital you can do what you've always dreamed of doing.

Which one of these celebrities' plans would you follow? After all, you need something to keep you busy while you enjoy your fortune.

Rihanna's Many Ventures

Now here's a girl who can't sit still. Rihanna became famous for her voice at age 16 already. This meant she had enough capital during her twenties to invest in many businesses. Some ideas worked while others didn't.

Here's what you learn from Rihanna: Follow your passions. Each business she started or invested in was connected with something she loved or enjoyed:

  • Luxury jewellery
  • Designer shoes she manufactured in collaboration with experts
  • Her own makeup brand Fenty Beauty
  • She partnered with Puma and created a fashion line

What are you passionate about? Perhaps your SuperEnaLotto winnings this week can help you enjoy what you love. The jackpot sits at just over €40-Million and all you need to get it is a lottery ticket with the right numbers.

Keep Up With the Kardashians

You may think the Kardashian sisters - Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney, Kim and Kendall - only get their money from their famous reality TV show. But in reality these ladies work hard at many things they love doing.

Here are a few of their business ideas:

  • Kim promotes energy drinks around the world. This must be something she needs to keep up with her busy celebrity lifestyle.
  • Kendall and Kylie are known as models, but did you know they also launched their own clothing line in 2015?
  • Kourtney, Kim and Khloe had earlier also invested in clothing with their Kardashian Kollection brand in partnership with Sears.
  • While the Sears partnership ended, the ladies launched Kardashian Kids a few years later.

Most of what these women do relates to clothing, but that's not all. Many of them also published books about their lives or showing off their photos.

How would you follow your passions when you win a stunning jackpot, like tomorrow's $95-Million US Powerball lotto?

Original Ideas

You can see the celebrities you see on Facebook and TV have many talents and passions. After all, if you have a fortune in the bank you only have to spend it on what you really love in life.

Here are a few celebrities' original business ventures that tell us something about their hidden talents and dreams:

  • Jessica Biel must love children because she opened a kid friendly restaurant in Los Angeles.
  • Who knew that celebrities are excellent cooks too? After years of acting Paul Newman became famous for food products such as salad dressing. His range is called Newman's Own, and it donates all after-tax profits to charity.
  • Another celebrity who got interested in the food business is Sandra Bullock. Though it closed down she loved running her eco friendly restaurant.
  • The most original idea around comes from Susan Sarandon. She made some extra cash through investing in... ping pong clubs!

Have you decided what you're going to do with your capital yet?

Use these stories as motivation to make your own plans turn into reality. And winning the MegaMillions can be your first step in making it happen. Do you have your numbers ready to play this Friday?