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What a £5-Million jackpot windfall can achieve

Thu 16 Nov 2017, By Lisa Bonnet
Plenty of Lottery Millionaires

Last month the UK Lotto peaked at a jackpot of over £25-Million, but not one person matched the 6 numbers needed to win this fantastic amount. Instead, it created a number of pound Millionaires.

This is because the jackpot rolled down to the lucky ticket holders who matched the next prize-tier - 5 numbers plus the bonus ball.

Although a smaller win than the full Jackpot amount, five million pounds is nothing to sneeze at. How would this fortune change your life? Some people obtain their riches from winning lotto numbers. Others may find it through a well-chosen career. When your bank account reaches multi-digit numbers, what stories will be told about you?

For inspiration let’s look at some original ways other millionaires apply their fortunes.

What Jackpot Winners do with Their Fortunes

Adrian Bayford Supports Music

Adrian Bayford won a EuroMillions jackpot of £148M in 2012. His fortune enabled him to purchase a luxury estate and enjoy a new lifestyle. He probably never knew this estate will bring joy to hundreds of people in future.

Last August’s Cambridge Rock Festival would have been cancelled if Adrian didn’t step up to the plate. The original venue wasn’t available anymore. Adrian heard about it and felt the festival was too important to cancel. As a music lover who once owned his own music store he knows how people value music festivals.

Adrian offered his luxury estate as venue for the festival so the arrangements could continue. Many bands had the opportunity to perform and thousands of people could attend the festival. That’s what a fortune helps you do.

John and Linda Kutey Created a Waterpark

John and Linda saw another gap in the entertainment world. The couple won $28.7-Million in the MegaMillions draw in 2011. $200 000 of their fortune went to Green Island to ensure kids had a new safe place to play.

Their hometown Green Island was in need of some improvements for children’s activities. The couple volunteered some of their winnings so a new water park could be built. They made many children’s dreams come true.

Last week’s EuroMillions winner is now as rich as celebrities such as Ed Sheeran. What do some of these rich celebrities do with their money?

More Millionaire Stories

Winning a EuroMillions jackpot of over €60M will get you a luxury lifestyle. Take it one step further by using your next winnings to customize your life as these millionaires did:

  • Tom Monaghan started the Pizza franchise Domino’s. He used his fortune to build himself an entire town. What more can you ask for?
  • Mukesh Ambani dreamt of an ideal living space too. Unfortunately he lives in Mumbai where space is limited. Instead of looking for a large property Mukesh simply built a skyscraper 550ft tall. The 400 000ft² has room for nine elevators and three helipads. That’s how money can give you everything you dream of.

After being inspired by these stories what are you going to use your winnings for? If you’re a big dreamer aim for the US Powerball draw prize. This week’s jackpot stands at $119-Million. Imagine what interesting stories you can initiate with that in your bank account.