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When lucky superstitions could bring you wealth

Sun 03 Apr 2016, By Patty Reynolds
When Lucky Superstitions could Bring you Wealth

When Lucky Superstitions could Bring you Wealth

Superstitions about wealth and historical cultural rituals to create wealth are either grounded in ancient wisdoms or derived through primitive interpretations. Irrespective of their origins, they are interesting and could possibly bring you the wealth you dreamed of.

  1. Wear a jade ring on your little finger. It attracts wealth.
  2. Cut a length of green string approximately 30cm long. Tie it 5 times around your little finger in a clockwise direction, and then make a knot. Not too tight, you don’t want to cut off the blood, but once tied, go about your daily activities. The Chinese believes that this activates plenty of wealth luck.
  3. Before leaving the house each morning, use a red pen and write a dollar sign ($) on your right palm. Do this consistently for 15 days and it is believed you could receive a ‘windfall’ within three days of the full moon.
  4. Ever heard of carrying a few grams of sea salt inside your wallet? It apparently attracts wealth luck. Best option is to place the salt inside a plastic bag, then put it in a secret compartment inside your wallet.
  5. The Chinese believe that the SE is the wealth sector in any room you occupy, so find out where the SE is in your house, and don’t place anything red in that corner. Place a little course salt in a container in this wealth sector where two walls meet and attract wealth luck.

There are many more from sweet potatoes with your name carved in them, to filling a black ceramic mug with sea salt and placing it in a dry area of your kitchen that many people believe create wealth.

So once you have attracted wealth luck by whatever means possible, your next best chance of wealth creation could be through the purchase of a lottery ticket. With the US Powerball boasting a US$148 million in the upcoming draw on Wednesday, 6th April 2016, why not give your newfound wealth luck a chance?