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Why the UK Thunderball is the game to add to your lottery list today

Fri 31 Aug 2018, By Patty Reynolds
A Proudly British Lottery Game

Don’t ever settle on your lottery list. You may be missing out on the game that will bring you your future fortune. UK Thunderball is gaining popularity fast. Below we share why you should join the enthusiastic following.

We're sure you'll agree that it’s worth it!

One of the reasons why UK Thunderball is loved by all its players is because of its evolution. It’s grown beyond what it was when it started in 1999. Back then, draws only took place on Saturdays. These days you can win on four days of the week. That’s only one of the features that changed to benefit players like you.

Almost 20 years later it’s one of the best games around!

UK Thunderball History

The UK Thunderball is named for the Thunderball - the bonus ball you have to pick after you have selected your main numbers. If your Thunderball doesn’t match the one drawn on game night, you won’t win the jackpot.

The first ever Thunderball draw took place on Saturday 12 June 1999, with a jackpot of only £250 000. Over time its popularity led to some adjustments:

  • Three more draw days were added to the schedule - most recently Tuesdays at the start of this year
  • Number ranges changed
  • Prize money doubled

Why these changes? Because UK Thunderball wanted to give players more chances of winning more money more often. And now you can enjoy these features too.

How do You Play?

When you play the lottery online, some of the most enjoyable games are the simple ones, right? UK Thunderball is one of those. Just choose five numbers from 1 to 39 as your main playing numbers, then a Thunderball from 1 to 14, and you're done.  

After that, opportunities to win are numerous. Just match the Thunderball and you've won a prize - match the Thunderball and more main numbers and you win a larger prize. If you match three main numbers or more, you are also in the prizes, even without the Thunderball. 

What Can You Win?

Is this game worth playing? When you see the list of prizes you’ll know it is.

The jackpot is £500 000. While this is smaller than some other games, it's still a great windfall. This amount is the jackpot each time the game is played, whether or not it gets won in any given draw. Matching other numbers can bring you any prize between £3 and £5 000.

Best Features

So why is this game at the top of many lottery players’ lists? Because it’s such an enjoyable game! You can win multiple times a week, so you never have to wait long until your next chance at life-changing money. The jackpot is fixed so you always know what you’re playing for. If multiple people get lucky enough to choose the winning lottery numbers, everyone wins the full jackpot amount, the jackpot is not split between the winners!

Have you decided what you’ll spend your jackpot on yet? Your odds and options are so vast, there’s no reason your fortune can’t be realized in the near future!

Can you risk not adding this to your weekly gaming list? Because you have three weekly chances to win it’s easy to add it to your schedule. Which day’s game suits you best? Or simply pick your lucky numbers for all of them. It’s your best chance at winning!