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Why your next ticket must be for the Irish Lotto

Fri 29 Sep 2017, By Patty Reynolds
Irish National Lottery Launches

Whether you're a new player or an old hand, if you’re looking for an ideal lottery to try out, the Irish Lotto should be next on your list. The Irish Lotto is tailored to suit almost anyone’s preferences. It’s no wonder nearly two thirds of the Irish nation regularly plays this accessible lottery game.

Will you be one of these satisfied customers?

The Irish Lotto has been making millionaires of lucky lottery winners since 1988. Here are some facts to help you understand the games and win your jackpot.

A Remarkable History

The Irish National Lottery started operations in 1987. The Irish government used their games to generate funds for causes such as sports, welfare and the arts. In 2014 the lottery was sold to Premier Lotteries Ireland. This was to generate much needed funds for the country. Though ownership changed the good causes still draw benefits.

Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto was started in 1988 and is the most popular of all the games operated by the Irish National Lottery. The lottery jackpot will always be no less than €2-Million and the uncapped rollovers help this amount to grow fast.

Here are the basics:

  • It’s a 6/47 game with a bonus ball. For the jackpot you have to match the original six balls but there are prizes for matching fewer numbers (down to matching only two main numbers and the bonus ball).
  • Draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Fast Facts

These facts are bound to get you excited about your next Irish Lotto numbers.

  • Cash prizes are free of tax.
  • You can remain anonymous when you win.
  • The largest prize ever paid out was €18.9-Million.
  • The Lotto draw was only postponed once in its entire history. In 2015 some ticket machines experienced technical problems which prompted organizers to wait one day with the draw.
  • You can play Irish Lotto online today at

Are you ready to enjoy your part of the prizes?

Rules You need to Know

At we don’t accept players under 18 years old, and neither does the Irish Lottery. This is in contrast to the UK's National Lottery rules, where residents can be as young as 16 to play the UK Lotto at licensed retailers.

With the Irish Lotto you only have 90 days to claim your prize. That’s why it’s important you always find out about the latest lotto results. At we collect your winnings on your behalf, so you never have to worry about losing them.

If you’re not playing this lottery yet you’re missing out. No matter your preferences there’s a game for you. Your ticket price is low while your prize possibilities are huge. Get ready and start planning which numbers you’re going to pick.