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Will October be the Luckiest Month of 2018?

Wed 03 Oct 2018, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Step up to lucky October

A new month just started and already there is a major winner. Last night one lucky EuroMillions players guessed the winning numbers correctly and walked off with over €160-Million.

Meanwhile, the US Powerball and the US MegaMillions together total over $600-Million. What could the rest of the month deliver?

Are some months luckier than others? There are some people who say it’s all about timing. Perhaps you want to use this as a way of planning your lottery plays. Then you’ll find these theories interesting.

Lucky Months for Jackpots

Although you can win a jackpot any time of the year, if you want inspiration for when to play more lottery games, you may want to consider January. This is the month the biggest jackpot ever was won.

It happened in January 2016 and there were three winners who shared the US Powerball’s $1.6-Billion prize. Three people who got it right on the same day? That’s definitely a lucky time in history.

Lucky Months for Weddings

There are a lot of superstitions regarding this topic. October may be a great month to play the lottery, but according to folklore, it's a terrible time to get married. An old verse warns:

"Married when leaves in October thin, Toil and hardship for you gain."

According to the same old poem, the best time to get married is actually in June.

So, if you're planning a wedding, skip October and rather play the MegaMillions. With Friday's jackpot of over $400-Million, you'd be set for whatever ceremony you like, wherever you like.

Keep using the lottery results checker so you don’t miss out on your lucky break. How unlucky it would be to have the winning ticket and not use it!

Luck in Your Birth Month

Some people have even done studies to see if a person will be luckier during his or her birth month. That means, if your birthday is in October, it may be time to invest in a lottery ticket.

The philosophical approach to this perspective is that people who experience their birth months are lucky times are individuals who are open to opportunities. They usually have positive outlooks on life and they quickly take initiative when an opportunity arises.

Which theory do you believe? Will you wait until a lucky month presents itself? Or will you make sure this month is the luckiest you’ve had this year? The power is in your hands because all you need to do is get your ticket ready for this week’s draw.