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Will a Coincidence Make You a Millionaire Too?

Wed 04 Apr 2018, By Lisa Bonnet

Has there ever been a better month than March? In the past few weeks lottery players have enjoyed multiple huge wins, and now another immense jackpot has a new owner.

Yes, the MegaMillions jackpot of $521M has been won.

Here’s the one thing everyone is asking. Who is this person who picked the correct lottery numbers of 11-28-31-46-59 and MegaBall 1? The ticket owner hasn’t claimed their prize yet. We hope this winner will remember to use a lottery results checker soon and go validate that ticket.

The store workers where the ticket was purchased in Riverdale New Jersey believe the winner is male. No other details are known, except for this interesting fact. The win took place exactly six years after the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever won.

Is that a coincidence or does it mean you should invest a bit more in lottery tickets during March? If you see the interesting coincidences listed below it may motivate you to be ready for the next time fate strikes.

More Lottery Coincidences

This is not the first time that coincidences turn ordinary people into winners.

A Mr. McDermott won £200 000 in 2007. Less than a year later he won again and made another £120 000. You probably already know that multiple winners are a strangely common occurrence, so what’s especially interesting about these wins? The man won it by playing the same numbers!

Here’s another story. A couple from Arizona had to wait about 18 years before their next win happened. But isn’t it a strange coincidence that they won $1-Million just before their annuities from a previous win in 1995 were to expire?

Lady Luck certainly knows how to keep life interesting.

And coincidences happen all around you. Here are a few more from people’s lives to inspire you to get your ticket for this week’s €76-Million EuroMillions lottery jackpot. You never know what coincidence could make you the next millionaire.

Life’s Lucky Coincidences

Some things in life are simply meant to be. If you don’t believe in fate yet, these stories will help you see life differently.

We all know about the close bond between twins. Apparently this bond stretches over time and space. A pair of twins who were separated at birth and met up years later found their lives resembled each other’s with some remarkable coincidences:

  • They both called their dogs Toy
  • They married women named Linda
  • Their adoptive parents named them both James
  • Their occupations were similar too

Need more proof that fate plays a role in life?

Did you know that Ohio has produced the highest number of astronauts in the world? So perhaps if you’re born there you’re meant to orbit in space one day.

What if your jackpot is meant to be? Just remember it won’t fall out of the sky. Fate isn’t that powerful. What you need is a lottery ticket with some lucky numbers in your hand when the next draw takes place. Have you decided on your numbers yet?