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Will the changing seasons bring a change in fortunes?

Tue 01 Sep 2020, By Henry 'Mystic' Maven
Pure luck could change your life

It's the start of a new month and a new season and just maybe, a new you.

The seasons turn but the jackpots keep rising! After numerous rollovers the EuroMillions jackpot is once again over the €150-Million mark. Will the change of seasons prove lucky for any fortunate ticket holders?

Don't tell us that luck can't change your life! Sure, there is the saying that you make your own luck, and that the more you work the luckier you get, but you only have to talk to the celebrities listed below to know pure blind luck has a lot to do with what happens in life as well.

If you want the $78-Million MegaMillions lottery jackpot in your pocket this week, you need to be the lucky person who picks the winning numbers. No one guessed 3-9-50-53-64 and MegaBall 1 last Friday, but what if it's just become your lucky month?

Then you'll feel like these people felt when their luck changed overnight.

Kate Moss—From Mundane to Model

Kate was simply walking in an airport when her luck turned. She was 14 years old when a talent scout noticed her. And who was this scout? An agency boss in the modeling world.

For the next 25 years Kate ruled the fashion world. All from a chance encounter. All you have to do to rule the lottery world this week is to make sure your ticket is ready for the draw.

When luck steps in, it's so easy!

Richard Branson—Success in a second

Yes we know Mr. Branson is an excellent business man who plans and manages well. But he could never predict or orchestrate what happened in 1973.

Before Richard got rich from running an airline, he made money with his music record business, Virgin Records. But in 1973 a new recording, Tubular Bells, was struggling to sell in the US. And then luck turned. A movie director walked into the office of a music boss who was listening to the recording. The director loved the music and a few months later it was part of the hit soundtrack of the famous movie ‘The Exorcist'.

That's publicity you can't plan and it didn't cost Richard anything. What was the end of this lucky break? The album was third on the list for best selling album in the 1970s.

All made possible by pure luck.

Bruce Willis—From Stuttering to Star Actor

Bruce would never have guessed he would end up making a living from talking. Why? Because he stuttered when he was young. Once again luck determined his future.

At age 17 he was part of a funny play. What he didn't expect was that his stutter disappeared the moment he stepped on stage. His now-famous voice has helped Bruce to garner a fortune in excess of $200-Million!

And why can't a jackpot be part of your future too? You've seen how Bruce, Richard and Kate's lives were changed within moments, it's could happen for you too. But you have one responsibility.

Getting the right numbers for that winning lottery ticket is the key to the luck you're hoping for. Are you prepared for what's to come?