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Win the jackpot the Wimbledon way

Thu 20 Jul 2017, By Dean Cromwell
Win a jackpot the Wimbledon way

Sometimes it seems like lottery ticket holders are getting better at guessing the luckiest lottery numbers. Since the start of this month the EuroMillions jackpot has already been won twice.

The lucky winner from Ireland still has to be identified, but soon both lucky lottery players will bask in the pleasures their winnings will bring.

At the same time, the Wimbledon tennis championship has just wrapped up, and fans were given a special treat. It looked like the years had been rolled back and it was 2007 all over again. That was the last year in which both Venus Williams and Roger Federer held their respective singles titles during the same Wimbledon championship.

While Federer made it a record eight Wimbledon titles, alas it was not to be for Williams, who lost to Garbiñe Muguruza after a thrillingly close first set. What an amazing performance from both of these consistent stars of the game, though.

Many tennis players play professionally for many years. This enables them to win championships a few years in a row. Of course they must work hard to stay at the top of their game throughout their careers. Here are just a few impressive stars that are worth remembering.

Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal

If you’re a tennis player, you must figure out how to harness the strength of your talent, fitness and your mind. This enables you to give your best until the last winning shot. The current tennis stars who do this continually are Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

These two always seem to be near the top of the tennis rankings and both have won Wimbledon more than once. When they face each other on the court, you never know who is going to win.

Roger has now won a total of eight Wimbledon titles. Each time his reaction is the same as someone holding a ticket with the mega millions winning numbers. The current available jackpot is $248M, which makes it more than worthwhile to guess the winning lotto numbers.

Don’t lose heart if it hasn’t happened yet. Endurance can bring you huge rewards. Some lottery ticket holders even win money more than once. They may have figured out the secret of how to win the lottery.

These stars are still playing tennis, so who knows how many times they will claim the Wimbledon prize? With prize money of about £2-Million, their ecstatic reactions are understandable, although holding the trophy must be exhilarating as well.

Steffi Graf

Someone else who has held the trophy multiple times is Steffi Graf. Steffi has retired from playing tennis, but her name will always be synonymous with the sport. She won seven Wimbledon titles, more than enough times to put her name in the Tennis Hall of Fame.

Her career earned her $30-Million, of which $21-Million was prize money from tennis championships. The exhilarating feeling of playing a winning shot was probably a huge motivation throughout her career. However, the benefits of prize money and endorsements also serve to inspire players to keep going.

Potential lottery winners should also keep playing the lottery game. You never know when your numbers will match the winning lottery numbers. The last winner of a Friday EuroMillions jackpot could only hope that his or her guess of the main numbers 11-20-35-37-45 and the Lucky Stars 3 and 6 would be correct. The chance he or she took paid off and the winner is €28.9-Million richer today!

Life can be seen as a tennis match. These exceptional athletes take a chance every time they venture onto a court. They don’t know when their skills will be enough to beat an opponent. The risk doesn’t keep them from trying. In the same way future lottery winners shouldn’t be afraid to take chances. Guess the weekly lottery numbers so you can stand a chance of winning your prize.