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Winner of $487 million Powerball jackpot expected to come forward soon

Mon 12 Sep 2016, By Dean Cromwell
Powerball jackpot winner expected soon

July was a brilliant month for American lottery players as both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots climbed to near the half-a-billion dollar mark. But until now, nothing has been heard about the Powerball winner who picking the winning lotto numbers for the 8th biggest US jackpot in history.

But now a spokeswoman for the New Hampshire Lottery has confirmed that lawyers have been in touch since the Powerball jackpot was won. They’ve been making enquiries about the process for claiming the jackpot, taxes and the difference between the lump sum payout and the cash annuity options.  We can take that a sign that the winner or winners will come forward soon.

In the meantime, the New Hampshire grocery store responsible for selling the winning US Powerball ticket has already made plans for spending their commission. They’ll be donating it to various charities such as End 68 Hours of Hunger, the Raymond Coalition for Youth, the SNHS Raymond Food Pantry, the Providence Baptist Church Food Pantry, the West Deerfield Township Food Pantry, and the Raymond Baptist Church Food Pantry.

Not only have decided to give the total commission of $75 000 to worthy causes, they’ve added an extra $25 000 of their own money to round it up to $100 000. It’s a lovely gesture that is sure to benefit the local community now and in the future. And it’s proof that even if you don’t win the Powerball lottery, you can still be a winner.

It’s interesting that the Powerball winner has taken so long to claim their prize. But the fact that lawyers have been in touch with the New Hampshire Lottery makes it clear that the winner is taking this very seriously. The implications of picking the Powerball winning numbers go far beyond collecting an oversized cheque.

If you buy Powerball tickets online from outside the USA you may not be aware of the tax implications. In the US, lottery winnings are regarded as a form of income and subject to 25% Federal Tax for residents. Foreigners will pay up to 30% in Federal taxes on any Powerball winnings.

On top of that, states taxes have to be paid. This varies from state to state, but New York has the highest state taxes at 8.3%. As a Powerball winner, you are obliged to pay these taxes if you opt for the lump sum payout. Alternatively, you could opt for the annuity. In that case, the state will reinvest your winnings, and you receive a yearly payment for the next 29 years.

If the annuity seems tempting, it may surprise you to hear that most experts advise taking the cash payout. Either way you’ll still have to pay tax on your winnings. And if you opt for the annuity, your yearly payments will still be considered a form on income and you will have to pay income tax on that.

Even though taxes could put a dent in your Powerball winnings, if the prize is large enough you’ll still walk away a millionaire. And if you consider the fact that the US dollar is so strong, it’s no surprise that people around the world play Powerball online. By the time a jackpot has been converted in your local currency, you’re likely to be a multi-millionaire in your own country.

There’s no law that prevents non-US residents from playing and winning the Powerball. And thanks to the power of the internet it’s possible to play the American lottery online from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is pick the right Powerball numbers and your life could change forever.

Taking part in the Powerball lottery is simple. You need to choose five main numbers from a field of 1-69 and one Powerball number from 1-26. You can choose your own lotto numbers or use the Quick Pick random number generator. Powerball draws are held very Wednesday and Saturday at 22:59 Eastern Standard Time (EST). Once the Powerball results are out, you can check the winning numbers online.

If you Powerball tickets online from an authorized ticket concierge service, they’ll check your ticket and email you with the details if you win anything. As the US Powerball has a total of nine prize divisions, your odds of winning a prize are pretty good.

Playing the lottery online is the perfect way to try new and exciting lotteries with the biggest jackpots. Your winnings are claimed on your behalf and paid directly into your account so you don’t have to fuss about claiming your prize or waiting for your money. And even if you win the Powerball jackpot and have to claim your prize in person, the ticket service will make all the arrangements for you. The Powerball jackpot is climbing again, so make sure you get your tickets before someone else wins it.