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Winning a jackpot can make you an instant champion

Thu 04 May 2017, By Dean Cromwell
Become an instant champion

When watching a tennis tournament or a golf event, one can feel envious of the winners who receive such enormous prizes. In the Golf Masters tournament alone, $11 Million is shared among the 50 players, with $1.98 Million paid out to the winner.

That’s a lot of money for playing a game, and the lifestyles of these top sporting professionals are definitely enviable.

You too could earn a huge payout just for playing a game. For example the minimum jackpot in the MegaMillions lottery is $15 Million, while the US Powerball starts off higher at $40 Million - and both tend to get a lot higher than that as they roll over. This is why getting your lottery ticket should be a top priority each week. Matching the lottery winning numbers on even the starting jackpot would put you ahead of some very successful sport stars.

Of course, you'd need a bigger win to put you ahead of those professionals who are at the top of their game. Golfer Phil Mickelson earned $52 million in his golf career during 2016. Winning the next EuroMillions lottery jackpot of €73 Million would put you nicely ahead of that.

Some other famous athletes join Phil on the list of the world’s highest paid athletes:

Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2016 Cristiano earned a total of $88 Million through salaries, winnings and endorsements. This football player’s name is synonymous with scoring goals, but also with charity work. His well known features are seen on the sport field, in designer wear as representative and as ambassador for organizations helping children the world over.

Your face can become synonymous with winning, by purchasing a lottery ticket. You may also want to put together a list of activities to attempt with your winnings, when you see your name listed in the Euro Lotto results.

Lionel Messi

Messi is another football player who used his talents to excel in the game he loves. Soccer is the sport with the most fans on earth and Lionel’s supporters love seeing this terrific athlete put other teams to shame. You may wonder if these impressive athletes ever imagined that they would become so rich and so famous.

Rodger Federer & Novak Djokovic

The Swiss tennis player Rodger Federer increased his assets by $67.8M in 2016, but he has to play hard to keep his titles safe. His income was supplemented by $60M in endorsement payments alone. When on the courts, it’s Novak who wants to wrestle a title from Rodger’s hands. Novak earned $21.8M in salaries and winnings during 2016.

You can make this year a winning year for you by joining many other lottery winners. The only decision standing between you and a chance to win the $147 Million US Powerball jackpot this week is buying a lottery ticket. With very little effort you can reach financial freedom and have the life of celebrity athletes such as these tennis stars.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Even the rough sports offer their champions excellent compensation. In 2015 Floyd earned $300M through boxing. All the pain may be worth it when you walk away with such a fortune. This is three times the amount he earned in 2014. He took a risk, followed his passion and today he can live off the results of his hard work.

Your future can experience exponential growth if you take a chance and pick the winning lottery numbers this week. You never know what could happen that will change your life forever. It can feel like hitting an amazing ‘hole-in-one’ golf shot, basking in the applause and then enjoying the amazing prizes.