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Woman finds old lottery ticket worth $472 000 while doing her taxes

Wed 24 Aug 2016, By Dean Cromwell

Prepping for your taxes is painful and boring! But if you play US lottery games, sifting through old receipts and records could be the most exciting thing you’ll ever do. And it could make you a lot richer. That’s exactly what happened to Yokasta Boyer from Clifton, New Jersey. While searching through her records she discovered an old Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket.

Something that wouldn’t have happened if Yokasta had chosen to buy her US lottery tickets online.

After checking the lottery website, she discovered that her ticket was worth $472 271. It might not be a record-breaking US Powerball jackpot, but it should help to make her life a lot easier. She was working full-time and also had a part-time job to make ends meet. The ticket showed up just in time too. It was due to expire on the 14th of April, and Yokasta filed her claim on the 1st of April.

Yokasta is now looking forward to working less and spending more time with her family and friends over the upcoming holiday season. She’ll still have to pay some tax on her winnings though.  Federal state tax of 25% applies to anyone who wins over $5000 playing lottos such as the US Powerball and Mega Millions. If you play the American lottery online and you’re not a US citizen, federal tax of 30% is deducted from your winnings.

Then there are state taxes. New Jersey state tax for lottery winnings in excess of $10000 is 5% for prizes between $10 0000 and $500 000. Once your winnings exceed the half-a-million mark, that figure goes up to 8%. Luckily Yokasta’s ticket is just missed the mark. Even if you buy US lottery tickets online from another country, you can’t avoid paying tax on your winnings.

Playing the American lottery online is even more profitable for lottery players from other countries. Thanks to a strong exchange rate, winning a smaller US Powerball prize could still make you a millionaire in another currency. It’s one of the reasons people are so keen to play EuroMillions online. Despite Britain’s upcoming departure from the European Union, the Euro is still powerful.

To play the online lottery USA, all you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection. A host of online ticket concierge services buy official lottery tickets for players from all over the globe. It’s safe and legal and a great way to access the big jackpots up for grabs. These authorized online ticket dealers will even help you to claim your prize in the event you become the biggest EuroMillions winner of all time.

But when you buy lottery tickets online, it’s important to ensure that you’re dealing with a legitimate company. It’s not illegal to buy Powerball lottery tickets online, but you need to protect your information from scammers who are only after your money. Make sure the company has a physical address and display their contact details on their website.

While some of these sites only cater for those who want to play lottery online USA games, other’s will allow you to buy EuroMillions online too. Even US citizens who love to play the Powerball will discover more good reasons for buying their tickets online instead. For example, there’s no risk of losing or damaging your ticket.

After you buy lottery tickets online, you’ll be sent an email with all the details of your purchase. You may also get a link to view the scanned copies of your physical tickets. This reduces your chances of stumbling across a winning ticket when you do your tax returns—but it’s a much safer way to play the US Powerball. You wouldn’t want to miss out on winning a record-breaking jackpot, would you?

The advantages of Powerball online play doesn’t end there. Ticket agents will check your tickets against the results and send you an email if you win something. There’s no chance that you’ll miss out collecting a prize if you play American lottery online. You can even sign up for a subscription and buy EuroMillions online without logging into your account. Your credit card is automatically billed before the draw unless you cancel the service.

The internet really has made our lives convenient and it’s nice to see how innovative websites have applied this to the lottery. Some people didn’t play the lottery because it was too much effort to remember to buy a ticket from the local retailer. But now that you can play almost any American lottery online, ticket sales are going up. And with them, jackpots such as the US Powerball are reaching new heights. Don’t miss your chance to be the next US Powerball winner! Buy lottery tickets online and you could join Yokasta Boyer with a life-changing lottery jackpot of your own.