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Would YOU spend $1.5 million on a 124-day luxury cruise?

Fri 04 Dec 2015, By Patty Reynolds
luxury cruise costs $1.5 million

Keen on spending $1.5 million of your lottery prize on a single ticket for a cruise? It's a possibility with Six Star Cruises and its million-dollar package that includes all the trimmings of a celebrity lifestyle.

For 125 days you'll be living it large with endless champagne, five-star foods and a return flight on your own private Boeing jet.

The cruise leaves from Los Angeles in the United States and visits close to 30 countries including Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa and Australia.

How much is that per day you must be wondering? A cool $11 800. All guests are first picked up by helicopter and transported to their very own Boeing jet where they can sip on 1000-year-old tea that costs over $3000 per kilogram.

When the plane lands, you'll be transported by limousine to this hotel of the sea, the Silver Whisper. The ship has been in operation since 2000 and because of the price, this feels like an almost personal cruise that is devoid of the hundreds of guests that usually fill a cruise ship. It's relaxing, with a pleasant atmosphere of casual grace.

Every suite on-board is stately, with private verandas that give a full view of the stunning surrounds - namely that vast, endless ocean. The handsomely decorated suites are accompanied with marble bathrooms and furniture of the highest quality.

For entertainment, there are live shows that bring the magic of the classic age to life with song and dance. For those who want to be truly pampered, there is a full spa on-board that offers the best in therapeutic relaxation.

To while away the days and burn through those lottery winnings, there are a host of shopping options on-board including boutique stores that sell the latest in couture, plus live demonstrations of cooking as well as wine-tasting events.

As for dining options, Silver Whisper guests can enjoy gourmet buffet meals or pick from a formal menu that has only the highest quality international delicacies.

This cruise, combined with the flight and the constant pampering is perhaps well worth the money, if you have the millions to spare.

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