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What Would You Pick? An Oscar or a $265-Million Jackpot?

Thu 08 Mar 2018, By Jerry Westford
Awards Season

At last we know who the winners are. The Shape of Water is the best movie of the season, so it's time you watch it. This is according to the Academy Awards judges who announced their favorite on Sunday night.

The stylish Allison Janney and well known Gary Oldman also walked away with sought-after Oscar accolades. And let's not forget about the latest lotto results, such as the two winners of $1-Million prizes in Saturday's MegaMillions draw.

While people with a skill for acting can dream of the coveted gold statues on their mantelpieces, anyone can become the winner of the lottery. If you picked numbers 24-28-42-60-64-8 this weekend, the jackpot could have been yours. All you need is a ticket and you can win the growing MegaMillions prize of $265-Million this week.

Have you ever been nominated for other awards? Over the years a few unique - let's call them weird - competitions evolved around the globe. Would you be selected for one of these?

Golden Raspberry Awards

First up on the list is the opposite of the Oscars.

The Golden Raspberry Awards celebrate the worst movies of each year. It started in the 1980s in a publicist's - John J.B. Wilson - living room.

Though it started as a joke to determine the winner of 'Worst Movie' and many other film related categories, people and the press loved the idea. Within five years it received national acclaim and many people wanted to attend.

Today it's held the day before the Academy Awards and the crowd is much too large for John's living room.

Ig Nobel Prize

Here's another weird award inspired by one of the most coveted awards on earth. While it would be an honor to win a Nobel Prize for science, you don't necessarily want an Ig Nobel on your resume.

It was started in 1991. The awards relate to:

  • Research that will first make people laugh before it makes them think
  • Research and findings that should preferably not be repeated

This includes research on 'The 5 Second Rule' and levitating a frog with magnetism. The research isn't very useful, thought who's to say what may develop from it in future.

Shorty Awards

This proves that we'll never run out of new entertaining awards ceremonies. With the implementation of social media platforms, new weird awards came about. Since 2008, if you want to win a Shorty Award you need to share weird content in text of 140 characters or less on Twitter.

But if you're going to get a prize, it should be beneficial to your life, right? Winning the lottery jackpot will give you the lifestyle of the rich and famous artists that dressed up for the red carpet this weekend. And a jackpot could be yours as soon as this week. Be ready with your lottery ticket so you win the right kind of prize.