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You Never Know When Luck will Strike - Unexpected Huge Wins in EuroJackpot

Thu 31 May 2018, By Dean Cromwell
More European glory could be yours

Is getting all the jackpot numbers correct the only way you can win big? Perhaps it’s true with some lotteries but not if you’re a EuroJackpot player.

Thanks to the game’s generous roll-down rules, it's not just the jackpot winners who could become millionaires .

If someone did have the numbers 15-31-35-40-46 and Bonus Numbers 3 & 8 this past weekend they would have been €90-Million richer.

No one did, but four lucky tickets scooped up second tier prizes of €2.3-Million each! That's more than the starting jackpot on some of the smaller lotteries - so how is this possible?

How Does EuroJackpot Work?

In each EuroJackpot play you pick seven numbers in total, made up of five regular numbers ranging from 1 to 50, and two additional Euro numbers from 1 to 10.

Each week’s ticket sales influences the total jackpot size. However it will only grow up to a maximum of €90-Million. When it reaches this amount the additional funds will roll down into the second prize tier. Now you only have to match six numbers to partake in much bigger prizes than usual.

The EuroJackpot game has made quite a few millionaires already since its launch in 2012. Now if the jackpot isn’t won in tomorrow night's EuroJackpot lottery draw, even more winners will have the chance to turn into millionaires.

Remember: Even if you only get six numbers correct this week, you’ll still walk away with huge cash returns.

More Lucky Breaks from Around the World

Do you need some inspiration? Let’s list a few people who were much luckier than they thought they would be.

Did you know Keira Knightly was first a body double for Natalie Portman before she made it big? In Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Keira played the role of a decoy for Natalie’s role. Who knew that eventually Keira would become the leading lady in other huge Hollywood blockbuster movies?

At the start of May, matching six of the seven EuroJackpot numbers correctly would have won you about €400-thousand. Not bad, but not Millions. Now you’ll wish it will happen because the prize is so big. In the same manner Rosario Dawson probably thought it uneventful to simply be at home. But it’s there—on her house’s steps—that a movie producer noticed her and launched her acting career.

Another lady whose low moment turned into a lifetime high is Charlize Theron. In the time when she was still a struggling model she was arguing with a bank employee about cashing a cheque so she could pay for rent and food. In that instant she was noticed by an agent and given a business card.

And who doesn’t know Harrison Ford these days? He probably thought it bad luck that he had to quit trying to build his acting career and start installing cupboards. But it was carpentry work that allowed him to meet both George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. These meetings resulted in auditions, film roles and his eventual stardom.

Is that enough motivation? With the possibility of winning a much larger EuroJackpot prize than usual, you can’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Get your lottery ticket ready and keep an eye on the lottery results checker. Your luck can turn in an instant.