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You have to watch this touching Spanish Christmas Lottery advert

Wed 02 Dec 2015, By Lisa Bonnet
Watch this 2015 Spanish Christmas Lottery Advert

No one would admit to loving many TV advertisements, but a brand new TV advert for the Christmas Spanish Lottery is winning viewers over with its simple charm and Pixar quality animation.

Named "Justino", this three-and-a-half-minute long advert is a work of genius.

Not only is it a viral sensation (with close to 3 million views on YouTube) but the advert also has an emotional story to tell, which is a rarity in an age of forgettable entertainment.

The premise of the advert is a simple one, as a nightshift security guard named Justino travels to and from work on a daily basis, and the advert truly shines a spotlight on how monotonous it can get. Justino is a joyful character and learns to amuse himself with a crowd of mannequins. The advert, created by the Leo Burnett ad agency from Madrid, ties in beautifully with the Christmas Spanish Lottery and has a charming ending that we're certainly not going to spoil here.

If you've seen Pixar's "Up" then you'll be instantly familiar with the style of animation. It's truly incredible to see the level of effort put into a lottery game advert. But, when the jackpot raffle prize has over €2 billion in winnings to offer at the end of this year, the creators of this advert truly had to pull out all the stops in order to deliver a marketing product that was both sincere and memorable.

For most people in Spain, the holiday season begins after the adverts for the Christmas Spanish Lottery starts popping up on TV. The Christmas Spanish Lottery is an annual national raffle in Spain also known locally as the Lotería de Navidad, which has been in operation since 1812 and regularly changes lives with its enormous lottery payouts. Watch the ad right here and we're sure that you'll agree with us that it's one of the most touching, heartwarming and downright entertaining lottery adverts you'll ever see.

Thankfully, You don't have to wait all year to enjoy a massive payout. There are various Spanish lottery games held throughout the year such as La Primitiva, with the draws for this taking place every Thursday and Saturday.