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Youngest EuroMillions lottery winner has strict rules for boyfriend's Ibiza holiday

Fri 02 Sep 2016, By Patty Reynolds
Youngest Euromillions Winner has strict rules for boyfriend

‘No speaking to girls’ is just the first of a list of instructions Jane Park has put together for her boyfriend as he heads off to Ibiza for a holiday with his mates. It’s not unusual for a young girl to be possessive of her boyfriend, but it seems Jane is taking no chances.

At the tender age of 17, Jane became the youngest EuroMillions winner when she won £1 million in August 2013. What made Jane’s win even more remarkable was the fact that it was the first lottery ticket she’d ever bought in her life!

At the time she had her heart set on a white Range Rover with a pink interior and a shopping spree. But it turns out that Jane is a down-to-earth girl, even moving back in with her parent’s after buying a three-bedroom detached property on an estate outside Edinburgh.

Her friends have had a field day teasing her about the rules she laid down for her boyfriend, Connor. She’s even gone so far as to include a T-shirt with an image of the couple and the warning, ‘If you can read this you’re too close to my boyfriend’. Connor has taken it in his stride though and promised to wear it with pride.

Jane and Connor weren’t dating when she won the EuroMillions. But you have to wonder if they’d have made it this far if they had been together at the time. It’s not unusual for married couples who win the lottery together to split up a few months later. Winning a large sum of money can put a lot of pressure on people. Dealing with the all the attention can be difficult and managing your money properly requires expert advice.

 If you won the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot, for example, how would you handle it? Even if you play the lotto online for a bit of fun, there’s every chance you could win a big jackpot. And while you and your spouse may have a long list of things you would do with the money, how would it affect your relationship?

It’s not all bad news though as plenty of winners have gone on to stay together and make the most of their new-found fortune. Take Chris and Colin Weir, the biggest EuroMillions winners from Scotland. Not only are they still happily married, they’ve gone on to establish a trust that donates to good causes.

And in the US, Powerball lottery winner Mark Hill and his family recently donated a large portion of their winnings to help their small town build a state-of-the-art fire station. After picking the winning lotto numbers and winning $136 million, they’ve donated to several community projects including a sewerage treatment plant and a scholarship fund. The Powerball results not only changed their lives, but the lives of many people in their community. If you want to do the same for your community, perhaps it’s time you buy Powerball tickets online?

Or, you could try your luck on the EuroJackpot. It’s similar to the EuroMillions that Jane won her fortune on, and it has some impressive jackpots that make it a very popular game.

Jane seems to be coping with it all very well and remains the same person she was when she won the jackpot all those years ago. All you need to do is pick the winning lotto numbers and you could be writing out a list of rules for your significant other.

Although Jane won the EuroMillions at such a young age it doesn’t seem to have changed her at all. She’s still full of fun and close to her family. It’s good to see Jane smiling again after her break-up from her previous boyfriend, Mark Scales. Jane finally woke up to the fact that Mark was only interested in her money and didn’t have real feelings for her. It was an expensive lesson to learn as Jane had already bought Mark a Vauxhall Astra and a £7000 Rolex.

But that all seems to be in the past now and Jane is making sure she doesn’t make the same mistake with Connor. If you play Powerball online, or any other lottery, you might want to take a leaf out of Jane’s book and come up with your own list of rules. She’s included some fun items such as, Connor may only sing football songs, ‘unless it’s a Hib’s song’ and ‘don’t be anywhere naked’. To end off, she’s included a not-so-subtle threat, ‘Be careful, I may turn up’.

It’s clear that her EuroMillions windfall has not changed Jane very much. She’s enjoying her life and we think Connor is very lucky to have her. She was lucky enough to pick the winning lotto numbers, so let’s hope she’s hit the love jackpot with Connor. If you believe in true love, it might be a good reason to try your luck on the EuroMillions.