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Your guide to the EuroJackpot

Wed 28 Dec 2016, By Lisa Bonnet
Your guide to the EuroJackpot

Bored with playing the American lottery online? Why not try your luck on one of Europe’s biggest lotteries instead? The EuroJackpot is a multi-national lottery that’s offered in 17 European countries.

If you’re not familiar with this popular European lottery, read on to find out everything you need to know about the EuroJackpot.

The EuroJackpot was created in 2011, but the first draw took place on 23 March 2012. Since then, one draw has been held every week on a Friday in Helskini, the capital of Finland. The format of the game is very similar to the EuroMillions. Players must choose five main numbers from one to 50 and two bonus numbers from one to 10. These bonus numbers are also referred to as Euro Numbers and to win the jackpot you need to match all five main numbers and the two Euro Numbers.

The Euro Numbers also feature in eight of the other eleven prize divisions. That’s right, the EuroJackpot features a staggering 12 prize divisions altogether. The EuroJackpot offers players excellent odds of winning a jackpot at only one in 95 344 200. And your overall odds of winning any prize stand at an incredible one in 26. It’s no surprise then that this lottery has become so popular with players from around the globe.

But you probably want to know more about the jackpot. The starting jackpot for the EuroJackpot is a modest €10 000 000, which will roll over until it reaches a maximum of €90 000 000. And if the jackpot isn’t won when it reaches this cap, the prize money is rolled down and shared amongst the winners in the next prize division. While it will never reach the records set by lotteries such as the US Powerball or Mega Millions, it’s still worth playing for.

As you may have guessed, the EuroJackpot aims to payout smaller jackpots more often. Since it was first created in 2011, the format of the game has only undergone one change. In 2014, the number of Euro Numbers was increased from eight to ten. This resulted in the odds of winning the jackpot increasing slightly, in the hopes of creating bigger jackpots and attracting more players. But it still remains one of the lotteries to offer players some of the best odds.

And the EuroJackpot has succeeded in creating hundreds of instant millionaires over the years. Although only two winners have succeeded in winning the maximum €90 000 000 jackpot, many others have won jackpots ranging from €10 000 000 to €84 777 435. It’s the combination of easy game play and substantial jackpots that make this one of the best lottos you can play.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to live in one of the participating countries to play the EuroJackpot. Anyone is eligible to win the jackpot provided they have an official lottery ticket. If you are tempted to play the EuroJackpot online, make sure your online lottery agent provides you with a scanned copy of your ticket. While smaller prizes are claimed on your behalf and paid directly into your online lottery account, you may need to travel to the country where the ticket was purchased to collect a bigger prize. But the lottery agent will be able to assist you with making the necessary arrangements.

And unlike the American lottery, you probably won’t have to pay tax on your EuroJackpot winnings. Only three of the participating countries that sell official EuroJackpot tickets levy tax on winnings. But, you may still have to pay some tax on your winnings, according to the laws of your own home country.

You rarely hear about EuroJackpot winners because the jackpots don’t compare to those offered by lotteries such as the US Powerball or EuroMillions. But it’s still one of the best lotteries you can play. It’s a straightforward game that offers great odds and the chance to win a big jackpot. With only one draw a week, it’s also a very affordable lottery to play. If you buy lottery tickets online, you can easily set up a subscription with your online lottery agent. That takes all the hassle out of remembering to buy your EuroJackpot every week.

With more people playing the EuroJackpot lottery online, ticket sales have increased which means you have every chance of winning a jackpot sooner than you think. So why not try something different and take a chance on the EuroJackpot.