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How to Eat Out and Travel in Style With Your $126-Million Jackpot

Tue 08 Mar 2022, By Dean Cromwell
Enjoy the good things you can now afford

Here's the question. What do you do after you win a MegaMillions jackpot?

This week saw a very lucky winner walking away with $126-Million. We think this person should find a proper way to celebrate the win, and we may have found the perfect tips for them! Here's what we suggest:

Dinner at Mr Chow's

Chinese take away may be your usual option for a Friday night. But forget what you're used to and book a table at Mr Chow. This isn't average Chinese food. This is fine dining at its best.

These luxury Chinese restaurants can be found around the globe so there may be one in your city. But why not make your dinner even more exotic? With your MegaMillions winning you can fly to a unique location such as Malibu or Las Vegas for the ultimate celebratory memory.

At Mr Chow you'll find the best décor that creates a beautiful setting for your meal. And don't place your order with the waiters. At Mr Chow you get personal service so the host will take your order.

This chain of exclusive restaurants started in 1968 in London. Beijing cuisine prepared by top chefs was served and they haven't stopped since. The menu is world famous, but it's not only about the food. You'll love the experience too. Watch the Handmade Noodle Show that takes place every night at each franchise.

Purchase your lottery ticket today. With the right lucky winning numbers you could afford dinner at Mr Chow as often as you like!

Book into a Hotel on Water

We're all used to the idea of taking a cruise, but some people take this idea to the next level. If you win the EuroMillions jackpot you can afford one of these trips in the near future. They can book a holiday on one of these water homes for the ultimate celebratory event.

River Safaris in Africa

They're called the Chobe Princesses. These houseboats offer the most luxurious way of discovering the beauty of Southern Africa. From the Chobe river you'll see wildlife on the river banks while you bask in the boat's luxury and enjoy exquisite food.

You won't find such beautiful sunsets anywhere else on earth. The boats host small groups of people but book one for a private trip for the ultimate getaway.

Floating Ritz-Carlton

If you want the ultimate floating hotel experience you can book a room on the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. Enjoy the luxury, food and service the Ritz-Carlton group is known for while you travel to exotic destinations such as the Canary Islands or Aruba.

What makea this experience different to other cruise ships? Each room has its own private balcony and the ship only hosts around 300 people at a time. This creates a more intimate atmosphere. And if you really want privacy you can book the entire yacht for yourself and sleep in the 450ft² penthouse.

Where will you celebrate your jackpot? Remember, you can't win it if you don't have your lottery ticket ready. With this week's $99-Million US Powerball jackpot you'll be able to enjoy all these experiences and more. What are you waiting for?