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Another SuperEnaLotto Record!

Wed 25 May 2022, By Jerry Westford
Another SuperEnaLotto Record!

With last night's rollover, the SuperEnaLotto Jackpot is now at a record €210.5-Million!

It's true! The SuperEnaLotto has passed €209-Million for the first time, overtaking this previous record amount last achieved in August 2019.

The SuperEnaLotto recently lost its crown as the top Euro lottery after EuroMillions leapfrogged it with a lottery jackpot of €220-Million back in October 2021. However, the cap on the EuroMillions jackpot means that the SuperEnaLotto only has to roll over a few more times before it leaves its rival in the rearview mirror.

This time it took the record less than 3 years to fall, which is more than three times quicker than the last. When the record last fell in August 2019 it had held for almost 9 years. The previous record high of €177-Million was way back in October 2010.

So, with the record smashed, w're left asking once again - how big can this Italian behemoth get before someone is eventually lucky enough to win the SuperEnaLotto Jackpot? And is that someone going to be you? Armed with the right winning lottery numbers, why not?

Playing the SuperEnaLotto

The SuperEnaLotto is really easy to play. You just pick six numbers, from 1 to 90. If you get the lucky six numbers that match the six numbers drawn out on the night, you win the jackpot. Match five of the six numbers and you get another shot at a big prize if you also match the 'Jolly' ball - a seventh number, drawn after the main numbers.

You also get a chance to win a quick €25 before the draw even happens! When your ticket is purchased, you win this if four of your numbers in a ticket line match the magic square (ok, the 'quadrato magico') that is printed on your ticket. The numbers are alway randomly-generated, so it's like a mini-lottery that you don't have to wait for.