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Los Angeles Airport to build celebrity-only luxury terminal

Fri 04 Dec 2015, By Dean Cromwell
Los Angeles Airport to build celebrity-only luxury terminal

There are two types of people in this grand old world of ours: those who have it all (like a lottery player who's won the millions), and those who don't.

The one with all the money and power are usually the same people who have access to the best cars, houses and electronic gizmos. They got their wealth through perseverance, hard work and more often then not, blind luck.

And then there are the celebrities, the ones at the top of the social pyramid who have everything the wealthy have plus dying admiration from their fans. Oh, and now access to a special terminal at airports, it seems.

In November, the Los Angeles Internal Airport (lovingly called L.A.X) will soon begin construction on a "special" terminal for sporting stars, celebrities and and the uber-wealthy. Instead of being hounded by camera hungry fans and the paparazzi, celebrities will be able to go straight from their first class airplane seat directly to the private terminal named the Los Angeles Suite.

For a mere $1500 to $1800, guests to the terminal (modelled after the Windsor Suite in the UK's Heathrow airport) will be able to make use of the private catering, a bespoke security team, personal shoppers who will buy duty free items on the guest's behalf, plus exclusive access to the lounge itself. Upon boarding time, celebrities will be driven directly to their plane. No having to bustle with hordes of coach and business class folk. In total, guests of the LA Suite will only have to walk for roughly 10 seconds from terminal to plane. As an added bonus, security teams will always ensure that if the paparazzi is spotted, they will be summarily chased off.

The reason for creating this extremely desirable airport terminal is to attract even more celebrities and the wealthy to LA's airport terminal and it's a far cheaper solution for those who would usually just charter a private gulfstream jet. Over the next decade, the celeb-only terminal is said to bring in over $34 million. If the LA Suite proves to a popular option, LAX will seed this idea to other airports across the US, including Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and New York.