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Man attempts (and fails) to trick UK Lottery with fake £250,000 lottery win

Fri 05 Feb 2016, By Lisa Bonnet
Man attempts (and fails) to trick UK Lottery with fake £250,000 lottery win

This story is guaranteed to make you smile. A UK lottery player purchased his "winning" lottery scratch card and posted the evidence online of an incredibly fake winning scratch card with a £250,000 jackpot.

In what appears to be just a bit of fun, "lottery winner," Jonny Smith posted an image of a UK Lottery scratch card with a glued-on £250,000 section from another scratch card.

The exchange went down on the official lottery page of the UK National Lottery and has garnered a near viral response, with over 80 000 likes from the National Lottery's response and 44 000 likes on Jonny's initial query.

"You can clearly see I have revealed [three] £250,000 figures, in the end, column meaning I should be able to start shopping at Waitrose (a high-end UK supermarket) in the near future," Jonny continued to explain why the ticket was in such poor condition.

"This completely accidental inferno has also damaged the game number on the front side, I may also add that due to my clumsiness, in a completely separate incident I have also spilt pen ink on the other identifying number in the game column. Just my bloody luck eh!?"
He then asked the National Lottery very nicely if he could be messaged privately regarding his win.

Luckily, it didn't take too long for the National Lottery to see through this rascal's silliness. Some choice snippets from the Facebook response: "looking at the image very closely it has come to our attention that the extra £250,000 on the top right-hand corner has been placed very carefully, however, we recommend that you invest in some proper glue." The National Lottery has faith in Jonny though and hopes that in the near future he will be shopping at Waitrose.

This whole incident was most likely a fun play on a woman who claims that she washed away a £33 million ticket. Although in her case, she was deadly serious (and unfortunately, unsuccessful in her attempts to claim the money).